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Modelling psytrance synths

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In this topic i want to discuss sound modelling with a synthisizer or a vst synth (z3ta works fine)

I use a access virus b


To make the psychedelic tones we are all loving i use mostly

- 2 oscillators in diverent octaves

- a lfo (most 1/16t) pitch where one osc pitches up and one down

- automate cutoff, resonance and phaser frequency with cubase


Thats my method i modell synths


I would be glad to change ideas with other people. :)

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I think that there are no concrete recipe for a good sound. If it sounds right and fits: use it. Some stuff I find useful though:


- Portamento in legato mode

- Phasing

- Some modulaton that is not the usual filter sweeps: wavetable modulation, variable detuning, ring modulation, FM, ...

- Phasing!!!



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Yes, portamento is very usefull for the controlled switching between tones.


Also very nice effects you get with automate release time and resonance


For normal melodies (not psychedelic ones) i like to use a very normal synth and play me a lot with cutoffs to get a good effect (like the main melody in menog - cosmic consciousness) B)

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