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I made some tracks...


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I see I used the wrong forum... :huh: but anyway...


Trawling through an old drive with some file recovery software I found some tracks I created over a year ago which I thought I had lost.


I created these with some guidance from a friend who is into production. I made them before I had any concept of "goa" or "full-on" or "dark psy" or the many other styles which proliferate today. I leaped into Reason and tried my best to do something with it.


Find them here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ua32gx


I guess the best classification would be "full-on" killaaargh.... :lol:


The tracks are unmastered so crank the volume if you can't hear 'em.


Your comments would be appreciated. :) Even if they just make you :lol:

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Hm was the track "Inspire" of yours? In this case, it has ideas but its basic


Yes. They are all mine. I enjoyed that track. It was good fun making it. I know it is very basic and I would love to work on it more. Unfortunately I lost the reason file a long time ago and have been unable to recover it. ATM I have no time for sitting and making music as well.


Anyway, thanks for the comment!

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Do you work now with graphics as a main job or far from it yet? :rolleyes:


At the moment I am waiting tables full time. I would like to be working in graphics but have not found a job yet. :( My work leaves me too exhausted to do much. I should spend my free time drawing at least but feel too lazy and play strategy games instead. :P *sigh* So much to do, so little time.

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