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Artist: Hux Flux

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Artist: Hux Flux

Date: 04-03-02

By: Caio


Q: How and when did you start to make Goa ?

A: Back in...hmm 98 maybe after taking far too much acid. =) I just had to do something with the weird stuff i had in my head.


Q: Do you project to release a new album ? When would it be released ?

A: Yes. New album is coming on Spiral Trax. Probably in September, it was supposed to be out in november 2001, but in august last year my son was born 3.5 months prematurely (means too early), he was only 868 grams and his lungs got some serious problems of the early entrance - He almost died of this. We literally lived at the hospital for 7 months, not really inspiring u know. But now he is home and is perfectly fine, definetely the best thing that happened in my life even if the start was a little too much =) It will probably get finished before september, but its not a good idea to release an album in the summer according to Anti (Spiral Trax).


Q: Which of your own tracks do you like the best ? why ?

A: Oh, I was pretty happy with "Idiot" for a while, now its one of the new unreleased that comes to my mind. Dont know about Henric, he's not here.


Q: Your favourite Groups & Albums ?

A: That changes all the time, but Process "One Drop or Two" still sounds very fresh and intelligent. Other favourites is KoxBox, Hallucinogen etc.


Q: What kind of equipment do you exactly use to make your Tracks ?

A: Logic Audio Platinum, Monopoly,.sh-101, Virus, Waldorf Pulse, some other synths and outboard FX. We mix on a Eurodesk MX 8000, but we tend to do more and more inside Logic... And ofcourse we use a lot of software for sounds and effects, only a moron would choose to not do that nowadays.


Q: Is there any artist you'd like to work with ?

A: Heh, i dont know, we get so weird in the studio after smoking too much so i dont know if someone who dont really knows us could take it. hehe. But we will probably do something with Johan and Jonas P (Logic Bomb) later on.


Q: When & where was your best party ?

A: The best was in Kilsbergen, Örebro here in Sweden. The worst.....no idea.


Q: Something to say to people who wanna make music ?

A: Hello, how do you do ?


Q: Something to say to ur fans ?

A: That we are eternally greatful for their support and we love to see them freak out on the floor. But we dont like when ppl ask for autographs, it feels like that its not a part of the trance scene. Its not that we get angry, we just feel stupid. =)


Q: Any question I forgot ?

A: Sure u did, but i dont remember which ;)

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