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Artist: Battle of The Future Buddhas


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Artist: Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Date: 09-23-01 with David Tingsgard By Anoebis

By: Anoebis


Q: Hello David, here we are again!! :o)) Schlabbaduerst Rekkords released 3 cd's in the mean time... On which CD did you get the best reactions ?

A: On Schlab 02, cause it has the most melodic and harmonic sound! :) It is a morning compilation and more easily accessable than the hard stuff of Schlab 01 and 03


Q: Yes, I see... So I guess that compilation sold the most copies, right ?

A: It sure did and we pressed 500 copies of it. It seems now I will be able to sell them all to different shops, many of them online shops, so maybe it will be possible to press more copies and get them distributed. I want the music to come out to the people cause I think we have something here on Schlabbaduerst! :) Something unique that is... :)


Q: That's true for sure... So that means you guys will continue with making more morning-trance? Or will you still produce night-stuff like on Schlab 01 and 03 too??

A: Well we already did Schlab 01 and 03 and now we need to continue with the morningmusic. Next compilation, Schlab 04 naturally, will be filled with trancey dawn music, music that just goes on and on, is hypnotic and gives you a good feeling, an expectation of the morning to come. Then we will make Schlab 05 which will be music from the forest, more neutral music.


Q: I think that's great, because we are missing the emotions in the trance-music those days !

A: Yes, I think its really important to bring in as much emotion as is possible! I like to be scared in the night and I like to laugh in the morning. Thats why the night music is so heavy and the morning music is so blissfull. Maybe I am to stuck with this idea, but no one seems to like it anymore among DJs and organizers which is strange...


Q: About tha Schlab 005... You said it will be more neutral... Does that means there are ambient-tracks on it too ?

A: No probably no ambient tracks, but its a good idea! Or we could make a 6th compilation with ambient and come-down music :)


Q: So, you are planning to make the label bigger and less underground ? Do you have a certain goal ?

A: We will make more morning trance, I for sure will produce more uplifting and good vibe music, music with the good old feeling from 95, but with new sounds hopefully... I dont think I want to make the label less underground, but I want to expand it and get a good distribution. The goal of the label is to make many good compilations and release all the excellent music we have here in Uppsala, Sweden. I was just thinking today about making a full-length Ka-SoL CD because they have SO many *brilliant* tracks. When I DJ 60% of my set is Ka-SoL!


Q: So you are going to make back again the '95 influenced (old-school) trance... Do you think people still love this kind of stuff ?

A: I *know* people still love this kind of stuff! Just check your www.psynews.org forum and there are topics almost daily about the good old sound, but the point is not to make it sound exactly like it did then. I just want the feeling back! One easy way of doing that is to not mix the bassdrum really loud, not have very hard sounds, to include some more melodies, melodies that arent cheesy ...


Q: Yes, there you have a point... Did you never wanted to release minimal stuff on Schlabbaduerst RekKords ?

A: Well I could release minimal stuff if we produced any minimal stuff which we don't. We make maximal on Schlabbaduerst! :) But some of the tracks on Schlab 04 will be quite monotonous and hypnotic...


Q: Héhé, maximal trance, sounds good !

A: YEAH! I was asked if I played minimal before a gig in New Zeeland on new years eve. No I dont I said, I play Maximal :)


Q: Will you only release stuff of Upsalla artists on Schlabbaduerst ? Or are there any artists abroad with the same sound as you guys ?

A: There arent many other artists that I know of that share our sound, there are some excellent greek producers, Interstellar Overdrive, Astronomix, Dimo, Schizophrenic Society and a few others that sound a bit like us and I love their work, but I have no contact with them. And we have *so* much music here in Uppsala so its enough for many more compilations, and its fun to work with your friends. Its still a hobby and I hope it will remain that


Q: Ok... Are you planning any label-parties in the future ?

A: Not really because of the party situation in Sweden. We cant make any indoor parties. We make one outdoor party every year and I guess you could call it a label party because most people involved are with Schlabbaduerst!


Q: Explain why it is impossible to do parties indoor? It seems to be a bad police there

A: Yeah, well its the attitude of the swedish politicians and the swedish police that has destroyed a whole scene not just for the trance people but for the techno people as well. The police stop all the parties they can find and its extremely difficult to make a party without them being there harassing people for drugs. Its just a bad situation that force us to go underground. Anti from Spiral Trax has done a good job with the Arvika festival, but it had to end at 3 in the night.


Q: Luckely the forests in Sweden are big enough for underground-parties, right ?

A: Yes the forests are big and nice :) We make a party with 6 kms to the nearest neighbour and they kind of like it so thats cool. But if you disturb just one person you can count on the cops showing up.


Q: How many people are running Schlabbaduerst RekKords? Or is it just you "playing" alone ?

A: Its basically me thats doing all the planning and all take care of the contacts with different people. Then its Krister from Ka-SoL doing the mastering and he has some ideas as well and contributes with money hehe, and then theres Robin who helped with practical stuff with copying the CDs etc.


Q: So are you DJ-ing more now because of the label? Don't you start to spread the Schlabbaduerst-word around ?

A: I think the Buddhas always had a small group of people who liked our music around the world, we started spreading our music in 96 when we went to Goa and people heard our music and liked it. Then I think it has been gradually growing but very slow which is alright for me. I dont get to DJ more, but I hope to get more gigs in the future. I have DJd some more thanks to friends and Matt at BooM! (who is also a friend hehe)


Q: ok... Héhé, to all the Belgians, he will be here in november if everything turns out ok...

A: Of course it will turn out OK! :)


Q: You can never be sure, cuz we have stupid authorities too here ! :o)) Anyway, so what do you think about the mp3/FTP-scene ?

A: Its basically the same as the DAT copying scene that existed before, and still exist but is not as big. People have always been swapping music, now its just on a bigger scale. I dont care if people copy our music as long as they dont try and sell it, that pisses me off. If more people hear our music its better cause maybe we get a live gig or I get a DJ-gig or whatever.


Q: Is all the copying killing Goa-labels, or not ?

A: I'm not the right person to answer that, I dont know much about the sales at the moment... And I dont care much about labels, the individual artists are more important and they have to be payed!


Q: Schlabbaduerst is producing their own style... is there any reason for that? It's clearly made for forests-parties, right ?

A: Yes, the music was always made with the thought that it would be played at an outdoor party, an outdoor party in Sweden, with people in psychedelic states of mind... A party somewhere in the middle of the forest. The forest surrounds us in Sweden and there is a great big lore with trolls and elves living in the forest. We learned everything we know about psychedelic trance on the outdoor forest parties of Örebro. We basically carry on the tradition from Örebro, from the music that was played there, from the vibe that was present there in 97-98 when those parties were the best in the world! So theres this special very psychedelic vibe in the music, and the very sound of the tracks is produced for being played outdoors. Outdoors there are (naturally enough) no walls to make the sound bounce. So you can add more effects, make the sound bigger, the bassdrum doesnt sound killer hard either which makes for a smoother sound, even though our sound is pretty hard admittedly... And there is also the swedish melancolia that gives the melodies a certain eerie harmorny :)


Q: I also wondered something, you guys always use lots of Swedish names on your cd's... Maybe it's good to explain some of them!! :o)) For example... What means "Kedves Utasunk"? And that Spanabattl... boogie... :o))

A: Kedves utasunk is hungarian haha! it means "dear passengers" or something like that... But "sunk" means sloppy or slobby (bad) in swedish so it sounds fun haha... and "Spännbälteboogie" means... I dont know...Belt tighten boogie I guess! Its just a weird name, doesnt mean anything! :)


Q: Ok... you guys are crazy...;o) what means Inte Ett Oga Torrt ? or is it also strange, Schlabbaduerst-language ?

A: No it means "not one dry eye". Its referring to the track that very ironically is seen as a very sweet track so when people hear it they will start to cry... NOT!!! :) Oh they played that sweet track and not one eye was left dry hahaha!


Q: Yes, indead, it's extremely harsh... Can you give us some more info about the new Upsalla-artist called Marchaos ?

A: Yeah hes an old friend that I introduced to industrial music when we were teens and he introduced me to death and trash metal so we share the same musical background and he started making music a few years ago and he doesnt have any limitations and has a really fresh way of looking at music, trance music that is very maximal stuff indeed! :)


Q: So you have death and Trash-metal influences... so why aren't there any guitars in the tracks ?

A: Because most guitar sounds really sound dry and boring when you sample them! Its just repetetive and very boring. But maybe if a live guitarist would play something it would be different. We have one track called "Carmageddon" which has guitars, and its heavy, but a bit boring :)


Ok, thank you David for the interview and we hope to hear more Schlabbaduerst stuff soon! Bom


Ok thanks, you will hear more from Schlabbaduerst soon for sure! :) BOM!

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