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Artist: Talamasca

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Made on 10-21-00 with DJ Lestat by Children


1) First of all, why " Talamasca " ? Is it an expression coming from a particular place in the world ? If so, what does it mean ?


No , it is not exactly an expression , but just a name that i took in a book...exactly like Lestat , which is my dj name , and to be honnest , they both come from the same book...but the story of the book ,(and so the meaning of talamasca) even if i love it , doesn t have any connection to parties , just when I read these names , I found that they were sounding very nice...especially Talamasca , because it is very easy to remember , and when I chose it , i found that it was sounding very "trance"...but if you really still want to know , i invite you or to read the books ( it appears in many books of anne rice , an american writer...)or just to ask your internet browser to find a site with talamasca inside , believe me , you will find a lot of stuff about it before to see something about me (ah!ah!ah!)


2) How and when did you start to make Goa ?


So , like many dj s, i began little by little...I bought records , practiced , and gave my first real set in a real party in summer 1992...but in that time , I didn t know anything about goa trance...I was , with my friend dj Mael , a trance core dj , only on vinyl , and that s how I learned to mix beat on beat...but when we heard the firsts dragonfly , juno reaktor , or other x-dream , we definitly changed our tastes for this music!!!but it took a while to make music , even if I wanted a lot because I am a piano player since I am a kid , so of course I wanted , but like many people , I guess , the "money" problem stopped me , because in that time , to make good quality music costed a lot of money...but later I met my two partners , steve eli and xavier de galloy , they were house producers and were very interested to try to make something different , they had a studio , good one by the way , and that s how the first talamasca track has been borned...about four years ago...


3) Do you project to release a new album after your last " Beyond The Mask " one ? When would it be released ?


Of course i will !!! But before there are a few tracks that will be released soon...i have three tracks which will be released on moon spirit records , the new french label , and one of those tracks is one I made with manitu , a french dj who plays a lot in France...also , Mael and me made a track with Ofer Dikovsky , released on the new 3D vision compilation , and very easy to find because we called it :Method of Oria...then , on the next 3D vision (end of november...) , will be released the track from infected mushrooms : Psycho , that we remixed with mael , ( yes , a new remix...) , but also a track that I just finished with Spacecat when i was last time in israel , one new talamasca , and a track that I will make with Jaia next week...one track will also go for a new japanese label called Arcadia...then , after all this , I will work only about my second album...I already have the concept , but let s talk about it when it will be ready , not before...


4) Your style has completely changed from the old Talamasca stuff (like " Believe ", " Talafrica ", " Polynesian Lyon ", " Jungle Storm " and "Tribal Journey ") to the current one … What made you completely change of style to a more dark one ? Do you think you'll make other Tracks in your old style ?


Very easy to understand...as I told you before , Talamasca from the beginning was my idea and my project , but we were three in the studio...my friends were making more house and dance music when i wasn t in the studio , so you can easily understand that in a band , everybody got his own taste , so we tried to find the balance , like this , everybody liked the track...but even if my style became a bit darker since my friends decided to stop music , I am still the melodic guy of the 3D vision team...so i don t know exactly what i will make in the future , but i know that one thing will not change so much : we want to keep the line , with christof and mael in 3D vision , of what we are now used to call : Dance floor music...our music is made first of all to be danced in parties...we play all the tracks that we release before to release them , and we do it only if it works...but if you think that my style completely changed , then I am happy because that was the goal !!!


5) Your old Tracks often used few tribal sounds, its names, as above, let us think to Africa … and your last " Telepathic Atmospheres " Track is also a little african oriented, with its tribal drums & voices … seems you travelled in Africa for a long time & love it and its sounds … is it a good intuition ?


Yes and no...it was not africa but the polynesian lion and talafrica were made after i came back from really great holidays in french polynesia , in Tahiti...it was a very cool summer in one of the most beautiful places in the world , so of course all my inspiration in that time came from there...but I still love tribal and drums , I am always looking for new samples...and I will make a lot more...


6) Which of your own tracks do you like the best ?


This question is very hard...so , like everybody I will say that I have more than one...for different reasons...Tribal journey was the first made , so I love it for this reason , it is very "sentimental..." , then , the hunted becomes the hunter is the first that I have made with Mael , who is also my best friend from school , and it was also the first made in my own home studio , and to tell you the truth , in the beginning , we were not sure about it ...but then we played it in parties...telepathic atmosphere is the first that I made alone , so of course it is in the list !!!but if we are talking only about the music , then , my favorite one is not released yet...but check out in the parties , you might ear it if a friend of mine is playing in your place...it is very easy to recognize , a guy is shouting : "COME ON !!!" just before the kick goes...this is for now my favorite...until the next I will make , like everytime...


7) Your favourite psychedelic Groups & Albums ?


The ones that still make music that make the people shout !!! I mean : Gms , Absolum , Oforia , Spacecat , Nomad , Deedrah...but this is about my dj taste...I need this kind of music in my set ! But the ones that impressed me the most are always the 3 kings...Juno reactor , X dream and of course Simon posford...their production is amazing and this is the music I am listening home...


8) Where does your inspiration come from when building a Track ?


I just try to think about this track played in a big huge party , or a stadium !!! I try to think about the best parties where I have been and to think about what would have happened if i would have played this track there...the goal , of course , is to make the dancefloor shout !!!!


9) What kind of equipment do you use to make your Tracks ?


Less that what you can imagine...I use a digital mixer , Yamaha , a nordlead , a pulse , one alfa juno , and the most important machine , the one that I would not be able anymore to make music without it : my computer...I am very good friend with the guys of Infected Mushrooms , and when I made first time a track with Erez , I discoverd the new world of audio...music only from the computer...I didn t believe in it in the beginning , and when erez showed me some stuf , i get addicted !!! now , I almost don t use my synths anymore , just some very very good programs like for exemple : Reaktor , which is really amazing ! The hunted becomes the hunter , telepathic atmospheres and You are the machine are made only through the computer...this is the future...and the good thing in this is that now , everybody will be able to make music , it will not cost fortunes anymore because of this new technology , so you know what you have to do now...


10) Future projects ?


Play , play , play...I have a few gigs to give in different countries for the next few weeks , beetween them , I am closed in my studio everyday making music...but don t worry , this is the best I can do.


11) Is it valuable to work with guys such as Christof, Mael, Matt ?... did you learn a lot from them?


Christof is definitely the one who learned me the most...now , we work together in 3d vision for more than three years , we are friends and neighbours , so if I have a problem in my studio , he is definitely the one I will phone...and if I did so many collaborations ( with christof , mael , oforia , infected mushrooms , children of the doc , spacecat , xerox , manitu , matt , adulla...) it is of course because i had a good feeling with all the artists and because we like the music of each other , but the goal is to learn...and it works , even with friends like matt or manitu , who are still learning how it works , they have other ideas , and it gives you new inspiration , you try more to make something different...and with the ones that I consider as my "teachers" , it is amazing the lot of different ways to work , and you take a little bit from here and from there...and finally you always learn something you didn t know...this is the best way !!


12) Is there another artist you'd like to work with ?


A lot !! Now I just met Ollie wisdom in australia , we spoke about it...I met also Logic Bomb in Israel and I wish we will work one day together , I like very much what they do , it is a little bit softer that what I am used but I love it and it is still working very good in parties !! I think also that next time Anti will come to play in paris , if I am going to be there in the same time , I don t let him go back without we make something in my studio...and the list is too long to tell it because I am very open , I love to work with different people everytime , so I guess there will be a lot more...


13) What kind of stuff do you play as DJ in parties ?


This one will be very short : Full power !!!!!


14) When & where was your best party ? And your worst one ?


The best was definitely in japan , for this label i told you about , arcadia...they made a party in an indoor luna park , with roller coasters above the dance floor !!! 3000 crazy japanese were there and I have never seen people enjoy as much as this !!! but I remember also my first party in the desert of Sinai , in israel , and believe me , when you play for hundreds people in the middle of nowhere , with such a beautiful view , you remember it !! now , about the worst one , it is very difficult to say...there are so many!!!!but I will tell that all the free parties we have in france , with a lot of hard core music , no security and 5000 hooligans (arsim , racailles...)this is pretty scary...but I never go in this kind of parties anymore , so I let this problem for the ones who go there...


15) As you're in psytrance for many years, what do you think about the evolution of psytrance in the last years on a musical point of view ? Have things gotten better/worse according to you ?


I can t judge anything...but my opinion is that most of the labels and bands that were the big names before , because they made music for parties were very successfull , but in the last two years , I traveled a lot to play and i met a lot of people...all of them are thinking the same : trance has become much more minimalistic , techno and dark...and it has lost its happiness...and most of the bands that everybody loved before are now playing a totally different kind of music , and when promoters book them to play the staf they know , they are surprised by the change !!! and the party people also , and you could feel it on the trance cd market...people were tired to spend a lot of money for cd s that they love only one track on it...but the situation now is getting better , parties everywhere are becoming nice again with new people , new energy , and new bands...it is growing...it took more than 20 years for the rock n roll to be absolutely accepted...techno is now everywhere , advertising , video games , movies...I considerate trance as the "musical" techno , intelligent one , and i remember very well that when i was kid , i hated this stupid boom boom !! and techno or house was for me the opposite of music , and I am now in the middle of it !! just because one day , I paid attention to the music , I tried to understand it , to finally fall in love with it...and I was really against it , so if it happened to me...it can happen to everybody...just in the middle of a family dinner , you put a nice track , cool one , and you will see everybody complain , and after 5 minutes , everybody is moving the head on the kick !!!! this is what makes me so optimistic for the following , so now it s your turn !!!!


16) Thanks a lot for such a long interview & good luck for your next stuff ;-)


I enjoyed a lot to answer...i just hope my english is understandable... bye!

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