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Artist: Talamasca

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Made on 02-19-02 with DJ Lestat by Danger


1) Your second album is just released. What was Your aim with Musica Divinorum ?


ah!ah!ah!good question.....i didn t have really any aim exactly...my first album "beyond the mask"was more a collaboration album made with friends..."musica divinorum" is my own album , so just for this , it is already different...the quality of the production also is , i think , one level higher than the first album (fortunatly...)and i wanted to make an album which was full-on of course , because this is my style , and i won't change my taste , but also melodic because i think that trance for the last two years had become too minimalistic and techno.....when i decided to make trance , it was too make music , and not to make noise....i am a piano player since i am a child , and i need these melodies....even if for some people would hate them , but i don t care that much , because first , what some people call commercial melodies , some other people will call it psychedelic ones....so it s just a matter of taste....but second , and more important , if this didn't work everywhere i played in parties for the last 4 years , i would have changed!!!!!i make music for parties , and i play most of the time from 4 to 8 in the morning....and people book me in parties to play this kind of music...and this is the kind i love....so this is the kind i make......


2) Simple question: why Spiral Trax ?


simple answer : why not?.....i guess you need a bit more explanations but there is not that much...maybe the question was:why not on 3d vision?eheheh...first because i wanted to proove myself that i was abble to release an album somewhere else than the label which i am part of...so i sent a copy of it to my 3 favorite labels...Spiral trax was one of them....then i met Anti in israel , we had good time together , and i was very proud that he said me he loved the album...because i was not a dj 10 years ago , that i was already dancing on Anti's set!!!and as a part of 3d vision , i think that we have to collaborate between labels...we release some logic bomb tracks on 3d vision , TIP got absolum , Spiral traxx got me , i make some tracks for TIP , GMS make for us , mael make for shaffel , skazi make for us , I will make for spirit zone...etc...you see , we have to collaborate together , we are all friends , we play together all around...but i am already working on my 3rd album for 3D vision.....every two albums for 3D , and between them for my friends.....


3) You've mentioned in the last interview Olli Wisdom and Jaia as Your next collaborations, but no tracks released. Have you had any success with this ?


this is another story....i still want and i guess they want too!!about ollie , there is a good explanation , he lives in the middle of the jungle in australia , 16000 km from my home in paris....so , i've been there once , but i couldn t stay there because i had too play the day after in melbourn...but i guess i will go back one of these days...we play for the same promoters in japan , and everytime we meet we speak about it....so it s a matter of time.....with Jaia , it s a different story because he lives in france , but we still have 800 km distance between us...and he is working during the week , but we are travelling during the weekend , so it's quite hard to meet each other....but i did some collaborations since the last interview....with Oforia (sonic kinkies on "download"-3d vision) or gms (mutation-"program change"-3d vision) and Spacecat , (one track on program change , and another one for the next compilation of the gms's label)...


4) What did You used to make the album? hardware, software... ;)


ok , i know what you want me too say.........that i made it only with a computer.......well , it is quite true...if you forget the mixer and the speakers...(which is very very important to have a good sound!)i have a nordlead also , but i didn t use it that much on the album...i think just for the racer and psychedelic knights...i have a juno , and a pulse (waldorf)but i didn t use them....no , i use mostly programs...Cubase , sound forge , and reaktor , and it s enough for me to work and to make a track like "come on!"i use of course a lot of samples cds...but most of my sequencies are made with "reaktor" , it's a program who have a full studio in it , with a lot of virtual synths , effects , and combine with cubase , you have really enough to make good quality music.......money is not a problem anymore!!!before it was so expensive to have a studio!but now , you need a computer......so just make , and send us demos!!!!(lol)


5) Your third album is in progress, what kind of direction you want to give ?


yes , it's in progress......but slowly....i want musica divinorum to live long!!i have the concept....the 12 astrologic signs , i have already Gemini , capricorn , and aquarius...so you have the direction....the fire signs will be full on , the water signs will be cooler than usually , the air signs are more atmospheric and the earth signs more minimalistic.....but you will have to wait until you ear my live act to ear them....


6) There's a rumour that You ll make a track with voices of your child, is it true ?


my son is only three months old....i was thinking that i could make a lot!!!one with the first scream , one of the first laugh......etc...but i think i will wait more than 1 year , and then i will have all the samples , and only then i will make a track , called evolution for example....


7) You are very good friend of Nomad. Do You plan to make a Talamasca Vs Nomad album or something like that, or other projects than Talamasca ?


i am more than good friend with him because he is now the godfather of my kid!!we were in school together...so you understand why we made a lot already together...we made the "hit" of my first album together , the hunted becomes the hunter , and we did the "program change" compilation together....but now , i have my studio home , he got his own , and we don t have that much time...we play a lot , and when we are in france , we work a lot on our respective projects , so when we meet , we prefer watching a good movie than close ourself in the studio for hours and hours.......but in the future , of course , we'll make more.....even with christof , 3 of us together we have a project called elixir , we 'll make more....we just don't know when!!!


8) Which other music styles do you like ?


home , i am listening ambient.....or pink floyd....or since i have my kid , i put a lot of classical music , and it gives me a lot of ideas!!!!but i have a problem with voices...i don 't like when there is a singer , i don t like someone to tell me what to think or how to listen his music...that s why i felt in love with the electronic music...no singer....


9) What are you doing in life except working ?


euh....it is a very very hard question....first , we have to think about if i am really working...i am lucky to be abble to do what i love...so it is not really working...my studio is home....so i go in it whenever i feel....i have my wife who give me a lot of inspiration , my son who really give me a lot of happyness....i am happy in life and this take all my time!!!


10) Some tips for the beginners who do DJ or make music ?


for the djs:make music!!!!!if you think like a promoter , why should they bring a dj that nobody know?even if you are the best mixer in the world , people will not come if they don t know who you are...( i speak only for the trance scene!!!)so if you don t have behind your dj name a label and a project name , there is no interest for a promoter to bring you....about beginners in the music production world , just remember that every different people have different taste , so not everybody can love what you do...so just don t care about what people say about your melodies or the way you build the track....make it your own taste , BUT , it must sound good!!!!!every sound must be clear in the final mix...the production is more important than the taste...this is what i think....


11) Thanks Lestat for doing the interview and we hope to hear more stuff from you soon and keep the people shouting!!!

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