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Artist: Son Kite


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Made on 08-16-00 by Infected Max


1) Ok....So first, thanks for being kind enough to accept the interview...


it's a pleasure!!


2) Let's go ! In which city is based Son Kite?


We're based in Malmoe, the extreme south of Sweden


3) Did u discovered Trance/Techno there? Or around the world?


We got into Techno and Trance here in the south of Sweden by going to parties and promoting parties


4) Do you have a background in music making? did u studied music?


Marcus have been playing as a Dj since 1993 and Sebastian has a background as a violin and piano player in several musicstyles.


5) How did u met toghether?


Marcus was promoting parties and was djing in his hometown where Sebastian also lived so one the day they met


6) In a party?


Both yes and no! it's a small town (not Malmoe) so we knew about eachother!


7) So...after u met...how was born Son Kite? did u made Son Kite project immediatly or did u do several projects?


Wow..that's a long way! We were first of all good friends for a couple of years partying together! Then Sebastian was making ambient music with a another guy called Christian. This project got into some more dance orientated stuff and the obvious thing was to give it to Marcus who played it at parties. Then Marcus joined and Trimatic was born. We decided to go 100% with the music and unfortunately Christian had other interests and chose to drop out. After that we spent many late hours in the studio, working daytime at our regular jobs and then in the studio at night. If you know Trimatic (Baluns records) it's more techno progressive and in a moment of wanting to explore a new area, Son Kite was born, in spring of 1998.


8) Today...you still work?


Yes we are still working but now only with the music!! and of course our labels Baluns records and Digital structures.


9) About the labels.....why 2 labels? 2 differents kinds of music?


Well since the trance and techno are getting closer and closer the variety of trance sounds are increasing. If you would try to get them under the same roof the variety would be to big. Now we can cover a bigger area of the styles we like and we cover a bigger area of consumers and hopefully even get people to listen to music they don't usually listen to. Baluns records is more techno/trance with emphasis on techno/house and Digital structures is into a trance sound that we would call progressive trance. With this we mean an approach to the old trance sound merged with techno beats.


10) How much time do u work on a track ?


So we work about 8-10 hours per day. Of course not all the time making music. It takes us about a week to finish a track...sometimes more ...sometimes less!!


11) Why did you choose Son Kite name ? what does it means?


It's one of the most common and hard to answer questions! Son Kite means: Kite is the thing you fly with as a toy. Are you french?


12) Yes


"un cerf volant!" and Son is from latin languages meaning to sound. So with the help of sounds we reach the sky as someone can do with a kite.


13) it's a strange idea...:))


Because we felt it was the best description of our way to see music!


14) I understand...Are u still Djing? or only performing live acts?


Since we spend a lot of time in the studio and we play live as Son Kite a lot, there's no time for Marcus to travel and dj by himself. But he plays as a dj when we go away to play live.


15) Have you been influenced by artists?


Our influences come from all kind of music but in techno and trance there's no real influence but rather an appreciation of other artists work that has of course left footprints on our music. To name a few: Massimo Vivona, Planet Ben, Fusionmen, Skintrade, Der Dritte Raum and of course a lot more....


16) When you perform a live....do you add things on your tracks? what's the difference between the tracks on CDs and tracks played in live?


We early decided not to play DAT lives! Instead we invested money in a 16 channel multi track recorder and a Pioneer cd player. To be able to mix the live properly we play one track live, one track cd, one track live...and so on. The whole thing is beatmixed by Marcus so it's 2 hours of non stop pumping. The tracks we play live are recorded on 16 channels so we have for example bass kick on channel 1 and sub bass on channel 2 and so on. This way we can make all arrangements on a mixing console live. This allows us to meet the needs of the dancing crowd and it's never the same!! For example we can make a break as long as it takes to make the crowd go crazy and of course it's really funny to tease the people and especially the ones that knows our tracks!


17) Some artists in techno often wants to make other music...like movie music or Tv show music...do u feel the same?


We listen to all kinds of music and of course that would be a challenge for the future. But now there's not the time and we love what we do now!


18) On internet lot of people heard a live recorded from Swedish Radio...a Son Kite one in Malmo...every body liked it ten times more than the album.....do u plan do record a live?


The live was recorded by Swedish National Radio when Malmoe was elected "Swedish Music Town of the Year" and Son Kite was one of two bands who represented dance music. Since it was to be played on national radio, it's only one hour which didn't enabled us to do the live as we want to so if people really like that they should hear our "normal" full length live (always 2 hours).


About the music, our live contains both released and unreleased tracks so maybe people like the way Son Kite has developped musically. The music on minilogue, our album, was made quite some time ago but we still really love the tracks but for us development is really important so people don't put you in a cathegory of music and then you stay there. Our next album is to be released in spring 2001 and it's going to have an excellent variety of what we like. Of course you'll hear our sound but in different shapes. It will be out on our own label Digital structures.


About recording a live cd: good idea!!!


We should also mention that it was recorded in our home town and the local support was massive. As you can hear on the recording.


19) Wanna say something about MP3?


For unreleased artists it's a great opportunity to reach people around the world but... when it becomes a substitute of buying records then it's something that fucks up for the artists, labels etc.... and in the end for the consumers because us for example we're not rich people who can continue making music without selling records....we need to pay our rent and buy new toys for the studio (hehe). And of course we would be sad to see vinyl dissapear!!!


20) ...and about sellings...do u know how many Minilogue you sold?


We're waiting for the statements from NovaTekk to know...


21) What & where was your best party ?


So, Fusion festival this year, Flying Rhino Open Air in Perleberg, Germany, Monterrey, Mexico (incredible place) and of course the rumoured live here in Malmoe...(the last due to our incredible local support!!).


22) The worst ?


Arvika festival in Sweden 1999 when the sound engineers fucked up and we played live for 10 minutes and it sounded crap!!


23) Do you got things to say to people who want to make music like you ?


Well this will sound like a cliché but since everybody has their own style and beliefs we can only say: work hard (really really hard) and don't give up until you reach the production that satisfies you. Because when you do so it's the greatest reward of all!!


24) Things to say to your "fans"/people who like your stuff?


To the fans: a very big thanks for liking our music...and you have a lot of Son Kite to look forward to!!


25) Do u have a clue about why Scandinavian sound is exploding today ???


Eehh? two seconds... we really don't have a clue! Of course there is a lot of new stuff coming from Scandinavia and maybe it delivered something to the trance scene that was wanted and needed!!?


26) One of you is invloved in "Ticon"?


No. But Fredrik and Filip in Ticon are very good friends of us and they are one of our main artists on Digital Structures, next to Son Kite, and they will also appear with an album on our label in spring 2001.


27) Are you planning to play live in Israel and Goteborg (Question from Mascok & F-Active)?


We have a good connection in Tel-Aviv and they really want to bring us but nothing decided yet. As for Gothenburg I believe the scene is quite small but of course we would love to play there!


28) So i'd like to thank you, from everybody of the site, because it's cool that artists like you take time to react on our forum and take time to answer to looooooong, interactives interviews like this one


We really like your site and we check it everyday for updates! the best we've found so far!!


29) Do you have anything to add?


Here comes....If you need any info on Son Kite, upcoming releases, upcoming liveacts etc etc, then check http://digitalstructures.techno.org and enter "artists" in the navigation. On the site you'll find all info needed on our label and the artists we're releasing. Also check our other label http://baluns.techno.org .


30) Some releases on other labels planned ?


Since we are making a lot of music we would take up to much release space. There are a lot of other talented artists that we want to release and we actually want to release on other labels. We've spread our releases on many labels but in the future it will mostly be on three labels:


Digital Structures, Flying Rhino and NovaTekk.


31) Where are you the most popular ?


if you check the membership list of our fanclub then it should be....the Moon....just kidding...we don't have a clue!!


32) Would you like to work with some artists?


At the moment we have two projects: one together with Ticon and one with Karl Axel Bissler...and we would like to work with many artists that we like but as always there's no time and we're really satisfied with what we are doing now. We have made a remix of the Sandman track "loop in control" (Hadshot) and we'll come back with others!!


33) Do u think one day u'll make a full Son Kite website? With pics, videos etc etc ?


No it will continue to be on the Digital Structures site. Another good idea!! (about the video). We will...we might have a recording from the Flying Rhino Open Air so we'll see...


34) Is there a way people can contact you for precise infos ?


People can send mails to Son Kite by our company's e-mail: mpdqx@techno.org


35) Thanks for the interview..it was cool to do.


Cool as ice..ice baby!!...shall we end it here before we say too silly things!!?


36) That's it.

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