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Artist: Shiva Chandra


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Made on 12-07-00 with Daniel Vernunft by Children


1) How and when did you start to make Goa ?


´91 i was on my first trance party in manali (india) and was amazed by the music and people. Being back in Germany there have been small private parties in the forrest and i got more into it. I bought an atari computer and started in `92 to make trance with little equiptment and just for my own.


2) Let's talk about "Auricular" … it seems you completely changed of style : your previous one was psychedelic & melodic, with many tribal sounds, and the one of your new album is much more minimal, and some sounds make me remind of Atmos style (in better, according to me) … why such a change of style ?


I think Atmos have his own style. All my four albums are very different from each other. Even on the same album the tracks are not very simular. But it's true, i`m trying to find new ways, new sounds. I never liked such trouble sound and my music had been minimal all the time. I had bought a new very good microphone and made a lot of recordings creating sounds by my own and i also get new impressions with djs like Phillip and Mapusa Mapusa i did some tracks together.


3) Do you project to release a new album after "Auricular" ? When would it be released ? Do you think it will be more in your old style or your new more minimal style ?


Yes for sure. I`doing a new project with dj Mapusa Mapusa. There will come a new album on Medium Rec. in March 2001. The project-name is also called "Auricular". There are some tracks we did together on the Auricular album so i called it "Auricular" like our new project name. After summer 2001 the next Shiva Chandra album will come. There is also a 12" coming soon on Plastic Park Records with the title Prime Time Plastix.( dj Phillip and me).


4) Which of your own tracks do you like the best ?


I have over 60 releases and i like a lot of them. Some of my favourits are chandra, mendrem, essence, metasynth, and schaukelstuhl.


5) Your favourite psychedelic Groups & Albums ?


There are so many kinds of music. Even swing can be psychedelic. I like xv kilist, Haldolium, SBK, and many more.


6) Where does your inspiration come from when building an old-style Shiva Chandra Track, and a new minimal one ?


From my muses and from experiences i make in my life. But`s a kind of energy, you get it or you don`t .


7) What kind of equipment do you use to make your Tracks ?


I have a complete studio, syntheziser and other hardware. I use the Neumann U87 for recording samples being edited on the computer with cubase vst.


8) And how long does it generally take you to make a Track ?


The work is not only to make the tracks. You have to care about your complete setup, learning new programs etc. Good prepared i need about three days for one track.


9) Is there another artist you'd like to work with ?


There are some artists i want to work together since years. For example Earth, tarsis/ sbk and xv kilist. To make different music with good musicians would be also very interesting.


10) Do you play DJ sets ? If so, what kind of stuff do you play as DJ in parties ?


I´m doing live acts. Sometimes i`m playing dj sets, but it´s more my music i play and music which is according to it.


11) When & where was your best party ? And your worst one ?


Too difficult question. In the last time i played on a very good party in Tokyo, organized by Trance Cafe. The worst one i don`t remember because it was too bad.


12) As you're in psytrance for many years, what do you think about the evolution of psytrance in the last years on a musical point of view ? Have things gotten better/worse according to you ?


The music is getting better, because of technical developments. And it`s also getting more commercial, which means many people getting open for it, everywhere in the world. Thats good. It´s connecting cultures.


13) One last question that could interest our visitors : from an album costing 20$, how much come in your pocket ? And how much do you get when there is one Track from you on a 20$ compilation ?


It depends on your contracts. For one album about US $ 1,50 including copyright payments. On compilation for example ten artists have to share this US $ 1,50.


14) Thanks a lot & good luck for your next stuff ;-)

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