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Artist: Atmos


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Artist: Atmos

Date: 11-08-01

By: Danger


Q: What is your musical background (studies, first compositions)?

A: The only thing I have studied in music is 2 year of sound engeneering on the univesity in Gothenburg. Besides that I do not know anything about using or playing any instruments. I didn't even listen to music untill I was ca 13 years old. I still don't really know how to play an instrument.


Q: When did you start making psytrance?

A: I started to produce music on a hobby scale 1994 and on professional basis 1998.


Q: Your last album contained released tracks and some other tracks made with other artists. Do you project to release a new album? When would you release it?

A: The thing you call my last album is actually not a album it's more of a experimental compilation of trax I did a while after I had finnished the one and stil only album Headclener. Why we decided to do and release more experimental stuff on the Overlap compilation was becouse both me and Henrik are consumers of all kinds of music, techno, house, dub and even cool rock'n roll. It's very hard for us to produce music while we are on the road, that is why the tracks on the Overlap doesn't follow that thin red line you had on the Headclener wich have a strong theme of deeptrance. Now when we gave the gigs a rest for a while I'm really back on track to create a second Atmos album. We allready have some material ready for the album but definetly more has to be done.


Q: Why did you choose to make psytrance over any other medium of music?

A: I don't think Im producing any psytrance or ever done. The shit we are doing is just trance or deeptrance. For me psytrance is GMS, infected mushroom and space tribe. I don't know but for me our music is not sounding like that, or what? No matter what, I didn't choose to make the music I make, it just came to me naturally. Probobly from my earlier influences.


Q: Which of your own tracks do you like the best?

A: Hard to say. But probably Drum's don't stop. Released on Naja (NOVA-TEKK)


Q: Your favourite psychedelic Groups & Albums?

A: Since I don't really like psychedelic music maybe I can write some other stuff that i like instead.


2-Chris Cowie

3-Greed (SOG-Rec)


5-Jean M Jarre

6-Pink Floyd

7-Steve Lawler


9-Michael Kohlbecker

10-New Prder

11-William Orbit


Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A: Almost to 100% from the music that is played around me, clubs, radio & TV.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use to make your Tracks?

A: I use different sort of stuff but always my MAC.G4 and AKAI sampler.


Q: You have lots of other projects with various artists. Please tell us some more about them, who are them, future releases?

A: I have done some stuff together with artists like Gus Till (Bus), Jan & Marcus (x-dream). We had some fun together in the studio and made a couple of tracks. The stuff I have been makeing to fit a continious project are tracks for ECHö-LAB and ATMOS. ATMOS is a chanel we use to release the more hypnotic sound and ECHO-LAB we use to release the cluborientaited productions. Just to not confuse people.


Q: What other music styles do you like?

A: As I earlier said, I listen to all kind of music as long it's quality music. I can't stand cheap 145bpm computer productions.


Q: Is there any artist you'd like to work with?

A: If I could chose any one that I haven't been working with so far, I think I would chose Willjam Orbit.


Q: Do you play DJ sets? If so, what kind of stuff do you play as DJ in parties?

A: I play Techno, deep-trance and house.


Q: When & where was your best party ? And your worst one?

A: Best ones I think was in Athens, Greece in +soda. The worst was on a open air festival in belgium I had the worst flue and a fever on 39°c, plus that there was nothing else to eat or drink there than beer. Of course the organiser didn't inform the people living around the festival that there was supposed to be one, so the local police came and all the artists had to perform on a homestereo volume, nice?


Q: What do you think about the evolution of psytrance in the last years?

A: I don't even know wich psytrance projects are the most popular today. As long as pepole listen and like the music I hope that the psytrance will live forever.


Q: Have things gotten better/worse according to you?

A: For us things have gone really good we play to a mature club croud most of the time, we get interesting gig's in different parts of the world and a nice feedback from people that are sick and tierd of hearing the cheap computer music.


Thanks for the interview !

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