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M-Audio Radium 61 Keyboard

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Hi! Just a couple of days ago I bought myself the M-Audio Radium 61 MIDI keyboard. It's great, now I don't have to use my pc keyboard for production anymore.

But I do have a question tho:

When I first saw the description of the radium 61, it says that with the enigma software librarian I can make changes on what knob controlls what and so. So i've downloaded the enigma from m-audio's website, but there it says that enigma doesn't support the radium 61, and it's true, I've tried it and there's a bunch of midi controllers that it supports, but not the radium series. Is there an alternative to the Enigma?

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Well, it depends on what host you use, but with Reason 3 you can override what knobs do and link any knob on Reason's units to your midi keyboard. I thought this was the same for all hosts?

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