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Perfect Stranger (aka BLT) - Learning=Change

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Iboga's next release in the pipeline is Yuli Fershtat's new album "Learning=Change", published under the artist name "Perfect Stranger". Yuli has been recently working together with Iboga on 2 compilations (Set:4 and Hibernation) and is also known as BLT (Hom Mega Rec.).


Really long and useful samples (Psyshop's 45 seconds are way too short) can be found directly at Iboga.


My first impression from the samples: beautiful, melodic, crossover psy-gressive morning stuff.


Also looking forward to Ace Ventura's album...

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Let me tell u boyz and girlz,

This is one fine album.


it has a few smashing dancefloor tracks,such as the collabs with Zen Mechanics and Emok.

But imho,what seperates this one from the rest of the crop,is how deep it is,each track actually has a story,which makes it perfect for home sessions,thus bringing this pieace a much longer lastability power.


Also the sound quality is really top notch, and u can really hear that much work was spent on the sounds - its not your regular loops/copy paste bonanza.


Way to go Yuli and good luck!



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