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Reviewing rules/ guidelines


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Please read and respect these rules/guidelines before posting new reviews.




1. Please use the appropriate release year before posting . If you're posting in a "multiple year" thread (ie. 2002 - 1998) then specify the release year in the thread title.


2. If you’re an artist / label that wants to promote a new release please use the “Promos” group and not this one! ANY promos found in the reviews section will be moved.


3. This section is for psytrance reviews and psytrance related genres reviews only! If you want to discuss the best releases this year, what albums should be considered “classics”, the reviews section layout, the quality of reviews, the latest Tool release, want to request a review, etc. etc., then please use the General or Off-Topic sections of the forum!!!


This is intended for psytrance music and subgenres only so no reviews of parties or other music genres. A bigger tolerance will be allowed for old stuff (stuff released before 96) since back then there wasn't an "official definition" of psytrance.


4. BEFORE posting a new review, check if a review of the album hasn’t already been written. If it’s the case then write your review in the already existing thread and do NOT open a new one! Finding older topics should be easy, use the “Search” function: type part or the whole album title and don’t forget to limit the search to the subforum of the year you want to post in.


If you're starting a new thread for a compilation then you should ALWAYS write the title under the format : "V/A - Name of comp". So that all the compilations will be easier to find. So do NOT start a topic with "VA" (no "/" between the V and the A) or "V/A :" (":" instead of "-"), "VA Name of Comp" (no "-" between the V/A and the name) etc.


5. When opening a new thread put the name of the album and artist in the topic title and make sure it doesn’t have any typos (or else the search function won’t work). If you made a mistake, you can easily re-edit the title by using the “Edit” button at the end of your post, if that function is not working, then report your topic to moderators asking to correct the typos.


6. Please say WHY you like/dislike an album and don’t write childish one-phrase reviews like “This is a killer release!! 10/10!” or “This sucks. 0/10”. Reviews like that are not very informative and don’t do much except annoy others who are looking for full reviews … Also, if you have received an album as a promo directly from the artist/label try not to be an ass-licker in the review… most of the time it shows and it’s VERY annoying not to mention that in the long run your credibility as an objective reviewer will be tarnished.


7. Personal grudges against artists or reviewers are not welcomed and will be deleted and might lead to moderation so try to use your brain before posting. If you have anything to say to the artist or another reviewer you can always PM (Private Message) or e-mail them.


8. It would be nice that whenever someone opens a new thread for a review they start with the full album stats (pic of the cover, track names, label, release date, etc.).


9. We advise and ask you not to write reviews for samples of releases. It's best if you post in the Reviews section after having listened to the whole release.


Happy reviewing :)


and as always, suggestions are welcome (as long as you post them in this thread and don't open a new one)

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