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Children Of Paradise - Urban Alien

Guest Deku81

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Children Of Paradise - Urban Alien


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Artist: Children Of Paradise

Title: Urban Alien

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'36" Z's Y

02. 09'25" Alien Nation 2

03. 10'32" New Cop

04. 10'20" El Nino

05. 10'58" Bloodsuckers

06. 07'15" Alien Nation 1

07. 08'19" Fairy In The Dragonforest

08. 08'15" Concrete Canyon




This album is a killer. It's dark and mean through all tracks. It sounds

alot like X-dream

stuff, and that means it's good. There is no track that really stands out,

it's just good

quality all the way. Maybe Bloodsuckers and Alien Nation #2 are exceptional


This album is a real stomper and thanks to that and the nice cover i find it

very much

worth the buy. And thank you Children Of Paradise. for leaving out the electric


that many

psy trance artists use these days.

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Guest Pit-UFO

Its very dark, plastic and repetitive. Track 1,2 and specially 6 are really

good. Not for the dancefloor or for small speakers, here it loud and melt your

mind if you are really into X-DREAM.

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Guest Andre_Buter[at]yahoo[dot]com

Hi Guys!! Well, I've only recently listened to all tracks on this album, and I

must say: CLASSIC PIECE of work! All tracks are really dark And moody, and

full of bass! My personal favourites are: El Nino And Bloodsuckers, which is

just soooo good! I can reccomend this to anyone who likes their goa dark and

brooding. Nice One!!

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Guest AtomikElf

highly highly highly trippy album. very easy to get totally lost in here,

ESPECIALLY when el nino comes in swing.......u'll end up throwing all your

toys out the cot during this mindmelting escapade hehehehe. bloodsuckers is

also an excellent track!!! lovely breakthrough-all-boundaries kinda song. or

should i say smash-through-all-boundaries, or should i say

trip-through-all-boundaries!!! generally pleasurable cd, and i recommend it.

it does have a different sound, similar to x-dream (i don't think it's quite

as good as x-dream.....what is???). i'm glad i bought it. 7/10

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Guest AtomikElf

ahh, very trippy album indeed. different sounds to what is going around these

days - sortof x-dreamy, but "with a twist". dark, not too hard, FULL of

surprises, flows nicely between songs, excellent porduction, and very cool

cover. el nino - beware of this - it's highly trippy - my fav. on the cd.

bloodsuckers is also excellent - just love the way it pushes and pushes and

pushes until you're way beyond the next level - really really good stuff.

fairy in a dragonforest is such a fitting name too hehehe - careful, u might

get lost in there - nah, but it's a nice song!!! 7.5/10

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

The first song is not so great but two through eight is unbelievable. We have

to look at it this way there isn't a new X-dream album so we have to selltle

for this. With these side projects we still get X-Dream sort of. 9/10

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Guest GlobalSteez

In an collective X-dream sense, so far X-Dream has the best sound overall, The

Delta release the next best singles but this album is better than The

Delta's...it's a simple system eh! Can we not just fast forward to the next

X-Dream album guys? (but I'd rather wait for something mad special than it

just be 'rushed' out..so to speak) 8.5/10

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Guest jsbedard

BORING CD. All i can say about the side projects of the guys of X-Dream is that

they are very boring and uninteresting. Children Of Paradise is a repetitive

album, always the same keyboard sound, some goods distortions but nothing

more...very boring and bad feeling when listening to it. It's the same problem

with Delta and Noosphere. Nothing here to see with the quality of X-Dream

production. 4/10

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Guest a_ozi

If u like that lumpy, thick, rolling bass, sqwuaky, fat, distorted sampling and

can handle a little industrial clanging with some dark yet uplifting and

non-cliche melodies sprinkled around the top..... give it a listen. For me its

ok with 3 trax i like but i find the whole album a little monotonous with too

much similarity in intensity throughout all the tracks. 1 album - 1 mood.

6/10 on a good day

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Guest Lost in a concrete jungle

Amazing CD. I'm really jaded now

because of all the new stuff I'm

hearing, but this restores my faith. Groovy, dark, melodic,

uplifting and cerebral... and URBAN! You really feel the influence of the

inner city in these tracks. More Franco-German

collaborations please! X-Dream and Ganguru are like yin And yang...

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Guest damoneves[at]hotmail[dot]com

It amazes me that in all the reviews no-one has even mentioned New Cop - which

i think is the best track here. You'll notice that everyone has differing

opinions to their favourite tracks which means if you like x-dream you are

sure to find a track that you love on this album

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  • 4 weeks later...

GOOD album ! Yes this style is quite similar to the one of X-Dream, so I think

it shows the quality of this album ... I don't think there's any Bad Track but

don't really have favourites here ... Rating : 7/10

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Guest uforia.1[at]email[dot]com

A damn good album, however, if you're looking for classic full-on melodic Goa,

look elsewhere. If, however, you're looking for something a little different,

give this a listen. This is hard stomping techno-psy trance at its finest.

The only one that could be considered classic Goa would probably be "Fairy In

The Dragonforest". The tracks are all constructed meticulously and

intelligently, like only X-Dream know how to do. Most are really dark and

heavy, a few are kinda funky, and all are very trippy. I couldn't possibly

pick out a favourite track on here, however, I do have to give due mention to

"El Nino", which seems to be the musical equivalent of a tropical storm or a

hurricane. Alien Nation 1 sounds like an invasion from outerspace, with fire

raining from the sky and then, the Earth retaliates, seeming to push back the

invaders, but then the second attack wave comes...


No, I'm not on drugs! :)


My rating: 9/10

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Guest F-AcTivE

This is nothing really special with this album.., but i really like this anyway

.. the X-Dream boyz really knows how to create great electronic music for the

dance floor , This is dark ,fast and heavy .. and the coolest track is in my

opinion "Concrete Canyon" , "New Cop" and "Alien nation 1" is really great

tracks toooo... , If u wanna kick on the dance floor all night ..buy this :)

My rating right now: 7/10

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a really good cd. every track kicks ass! best ones are 1,4,5 in my opinion.

it's not techno-trance; it's not melodic trance; it finds a stomping ground

somewhere in the middle, with an open portal to another dimension =). stunning

production, definately worthy of the x-dream name. 8/10

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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

At a recent visit to Mindscapes in London, the played El Nino. Undoubted the

high point of the night for me, and judging by the cheers that came from the

throng of sweating twitching fluttering psychedelic beings surrounding me on

the dance floor, everyone else thought so too. Seriously - the place went

MENTAL. This is an amazing album, from the very top draw. But don't do this

the injustice of playing this at anything other than maximum volume.

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Guest smokeBuddha

Only a couple things to say here. This albums kicks ass! Get it as soon as you

can. Some of the wickedest stompers I've heard. And I've heard a lot! 10/10.

A must-have!

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Guest one way

Masterpiece. The first time I heard COP was with their "Fairy in the

Dragonforest" on a GOA-HEAD compil. I found this title amazing: dark, acid...

crazy! The album is really hypnotic, particularly track 1 which composition I

find very subtle and track 2. "Urban Alien" is unique, it has its own style

musically (except when compared to Radio...) and also regarding its concept of

the city. It's almost a kind of underground album and a very brilliant one!


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Guest jsbedard

1 Year after my review, my point of view have changed. I heard "El Nino" in a

party and.. OH MY GOD, that is the most kicking-ass track i've never heard in

a party. A big, fat and violent bassline with perfect distortionning

synthlines. Great stuff that grows in you on each listens. 9/10

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Guest four4d[at]yahoo[dot]com

Anyone ever noticed Concrete Canyon? Damn CC and Blood Sucker are the first

track i heard from COP and let me tell you, i felt in love immediatly! Those

Children are good!

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Guest psyentist

i don't care too much for X-Dream as I do for other minimal groups, but i give

them respect for their achievments, this is a repetitive and sometimes boring

album, on the other hand when you are in the dark forest of hell in a locked

away hole driven by the power of your experimental mind you can use some

prolonged derranges in black vibrations, but not too long with this album,

preffer some Delta, intact instinct.

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Agreed that X-Dream is awesome, but this side project is to repetitve and

unevolving to be awesome. There is not enough varity of sounds in the tracks

to keep interest. It isn't bad- but for an X-Dream album, it certaintly isn't

good. If you liked the Delta, chances are you may take interest in this one,

but in my opinion, the first time I heard Delta-Pop, it was a hell of lot more

interesting then listening to this. Oh, and I hear X-Dreams coming out with


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