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United World Of Dance - Psytrance

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United World Of Dance - Psytrance


Artist: United World Of Dance

Title: Psytrance

Label: Phonokol

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'53" Astral Projection : Let There Be Light

02. 09'46" MFG : Shape The Future

03. 07'09" Phreaky : The Second Moon

04. 08'16" Oforia : Big Bang

05. 09'39" Xerox And Freeman : Gata Freak

06. 07'46" Astral Projection And MFG : The Sleeper Must Awake

07. 09'06" Power Source : Goaway

08. 05'56" Mystica : Orly's Remix

09. 06'30" Shidapu Feat Hyperion : Stay Strong




A new CD with once again the best Psy-Trance

songs from Israel!! And like usual those songs are rather

good... Very good songs to play on party's are surely

nr1 (awesome song... One of the best of Astral projection)

and nr.5!! A littlebit different is Power Source and

Shidapu here... It are rather songs to touch your soul with

beautiful melodies!! I think the song of Mystica does not

belong here because that group sound pretty commercial!!

I don't think I have to say that nr2,4&6 is also good...

Only Phreaky is a little dissapointing here!!!Bom Shankar

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Guest [Anonymous]   
Guest [Anonymous]

this compil is very cheap but it has great tracks!!!!!!!!!!

best tracks are 1, 2 ,6, 7!!!!!!!

buy this one!

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