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V/A - Transient 5

Guest Psylent Buddhi

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Guest Psylent Buddhi

V/A - Transient 5


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Artist: Various

Title: Transient 5

Label: Transient

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 05'56" Astral Projection And Deedrah : Zero

02. 05'37" Ganguru : Ultima

03. 07'22" Cosmosis : Reality Check

04. 08'38" Slide : The Search

05. 07'54" Radiation : Socaine

06. 09'19" Element Over Nature : The Age Of Cyberspace

07. 06'54" Black Light : Arena

08. 08'09" Disco Volante : 360 Degrees

09. 08'27" Nemesis : Snake Dance




This is a rather old compilation from Transient, but it's top quality! Of

course, due to the fact that this is old it's quite cheesy at times. It seems

that most of the tracks are driven by melodies, but somehow that doesn't make

it any less appealing in my opinion. There are no really bad tracks on this,

but the opening track by AP and Deedrah and the track by Black Light is not

really that great on the other hand. The highligts for me are surely Cosmosis'

"Reality Check", Slide's "The Search", Radiation's "Socaine" and Nemesis'

"Snake Dance". The rest is average but still worth listening too. So this is

just a nice journey back to the 1996-97 sound of Transient, which was quite

good!! Good compilation, be sure to buy it if you find it, it should be quite

cheap now! :)

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Those are top-quality tracks. Or so, they used to be whan this compil was

released. It's worth it.

At the time of its release, i would have marked it 8/10....but now...if you like

oldschool psychedelic trance, it's still ok.

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Guest Antic

This one is good, but only few tracks are great and they are AP's Zero (I hate

AP, but I really love this track - can't do nothing about it ;-), Cosmosis -

Reality Check, Slide - The Search, Radiation - Socaine and EON - The Age of

Cyberspace. The socond track is not so bad either, but the last three I simply

can't listen - they're so simple, childish and uninnovative - especially Disco

Volante's one. Overall it's worth to buy it just for 1,3,4,5 i 6, but if you

have them then don't waste your money. 7/10 (because of Cosmosis and AP).

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My opinion is that this a cracking compilation. There are no bad tracks on it,

all of them good examples of the earlier melodic Goa style. However, special

mention should be made of Cosmosis' "Reality Check" which has a tad more

octane than many of the others, and of Nemesis's "Snake Dance" which is one of

the most sinuous Goa tracks ever, with a completely appropriate title. I

wonder what many of these artists are doing today, most of them have

completely disappeared off the radar. Highly recommended. 9/10. ~*~

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