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V/A - Trancentral 7


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V/A - Trancentral 7


Artist: Various

Title: Trancentral 7

Label: Kickin

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 08'36" Synchro : Power On

02. 09'13" Crop Circles : Full Mental Jackpot

03. 05'56" Dimension 5 : Temple Of Chaos

04. 06'24" The Delta : As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling

05. 06'10" Ominus : Tribalistic

06. 06'23" Fuzzy Logic : Double Barrel

07. 06'24" The Secret : The Camberwell Carrot

08. 05'30" Multiplex : Flotation


CD 2

01. 06'35" Eco : Crowd Nine

02. 08'21" Nervasystem : Zones

03. 06'27" Noosphere : 23rd Chromosome

04. 08'13" Radiotrance : Plasma

05. 07'20" Element Over Nature : Cyber Reality

06. 06'13" Tristan : Sensory Deception

07. 05'51" Manmademan : Delirium

08. 07'25" Athena : Wood Walking




Both discs are mixed, sometimes prematurely - one fade is even a

train-wreck. However, there are some standout tracks I haven't found

anywhere else: Power On, Temple of Chaos, Crowd Nine and Plasma (although

this last one is a tad anthemic in parts). The Noosphere and the The Delta

tracks are very good too, but available on other releases. Worth buying if

you can find it. Beware - Kickin has re-packaged these discs as "Trance 9"

and "Trance 10". Fiends.

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Guest Bean

Nice compilation of tracks... but I agree with Freak51... the mixing is very

disappointing! I'd rather have it unmixed than badly mixed :(

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Guest Apollo's Lute

A great compilation I think. I found this some time ago on Vinyl, and

fortunately the songs are unmixed on that release. It is missing a few of the

tracks though (Fuzzy Logic, Multiplex, Element Over Nature, Athena) This one's

been with me for a while, and I haven't gotten tired of it. The music reminds

me of a past era of psytrance that I liked very much. The songs by Crop

Circles, Eco, and The Secret always seem to hit me just right.

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Guest Psychedelic[at]secto[dot]de

Very cool compilation! I like it very much. I agree with Appollo's Lute. The

music reminds me of a past era of psychedelic that I liked very much, too.

Does anyone know the compilation "burning man 98 - under the sun"? I lost the

CD about a year ago. I didn't make a backup of it. So if someone has it please

eMail me.

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