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Atmos - The Only Process

Guest rox

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Atmos - The Only Process


Artist: Atmos

Title: The Only Process

Label: Acid Casualties

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 09'41" The Only Process

02. 09'54" So Nice You Name It Twice




So , this one of the first releases of Acid Casualties .

The Only Process is famous track , because it many times

was played on the parties , radio and at home :) Great

track with beautiful lyrical sounds and pretty good

bassline ! dancefloor killer ! Trip and madness in same

track . I listened this track many many times and no get

bored !

"So Nice Your Name Is The Twice" even better than first one

! And the best track that Tomas Balicki ever made ! Faster

than Only Process , it quicly brings you in outer space !

After the third minute it goes up and up , faster and

faster , unbelivable madness !!! You cant stop your dancing

! Total full power ! Mindblowing stuff 10/10 The best ever

made ! Bom ! Rox ( psychedelica.chat.ru )

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The only Process is way better than So Nice you name it twice, even though So

nice... already gets 9.5 out of 10. The only Process is just so insanely good,

there is no comparison. This one song is better than everything ever made by

any other artist than Atmos. The only song that can compare is "Klein aber

Doktor" by Atmos, even though over time i have come to the conclusion that

"The only Process" is better. After hearing this song the first time at a

party, those weird voices did not leave my head for weeks. I just couldn't

forget this track, and when Ifinally bought it, i drove my roomate to insanity

with this track. He actually stole the record from me so I couldnt listen to

it anymore, but I have it back now, and even one year after its release i

listen to it all the time.

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Guest AtomicCow

Don't believe the hype : ) I don't understand what people see in "The only

process" very simple...ordinary sound, annoying sample of a girl saying "the

only process", nothing special on the melodic front. Did I miss something?

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Guest sysweed

The Only Process is best in the first three minutes.

Nothing much happens after that, but it's still a nice

song. Can't say much about So Nice You Name It Twice because I haven't heard

it. 7.5/10

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Guest Evilben

Ok here two nice progressives tracks from the swedish atmos, which rox on the

floor as usual, maybe better than classics like Klein aber doctor, Cable


Great ! 7.5/10

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Guest eden[at]jamethial.ath[dot]cx

When i first heard this track it was at a rave in Pennsylvania, where Koxbox

was spinning music at an absurd volume in this high school gymnasium... The 8

foot coaxial woofers warbled the air like a heat mirage, and I struggled to

keep from biting my tongue from the teeth jarring reverb. At one point I

distinctly remember hearing the sound of an elephant tripping wildly on acid,

and madder then a farmhouse full of wasps. But after several moments I

realized that I was listening to a track on a ep - not a live elephant. The

elephant had obviously been recorded at a prior date and sampled onto the

track, where he would be much safer then up on some stage made from banquet

tables and strobe lights. I never did find out why he was so angry though -

It was hard to keep track of him amidst the swirling purple strobe lights.


-feisty bat-

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Guest Acidhive

Seems like someone went on a trip from these songs... :)

Well, my thoughts about this: The Only process is a storming track in typical

Atmos mould. Nice acidic overlays and a good kickdrum and some voice samples.

But then comes the elephant eden is probably referring to, beacuse what a

monster it is.. so nice you name it twice... I guess that's true about most

nice things, and this surely counts! Man, pounding, lethal acidic track from

start to finish.. :D 9/10 for these tracks.

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