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Epic-Tone - Squirty Spiral / Aerosol


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Epic-Tone - Squirty Spiral / Aerosol


Artist: Epic-Tone

Title: Squirty Spiral / Aerosol

Label: Spiral Trax

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. Squirty Spiral

02. Aerosol




This is ep #4 from Spiral Trax, which presents us with two tracks from Jonas

Wikström. They're a bit technoish, and quite psychedelic IMO. The Squirty

track is pretty long and quite monotone which makes it a little hard to

sustain interest, but there is a few places with melodic layers exploding and

it's not bad at all but it's not exceedingly good either... 6/10. Aerosol is

packed with abstract melody layers and a good beat. Lot's of things is

happening which adds to the already psychedelic atmosphere, good track I'd

say... 8.5/10

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