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MFG - Project Genesis

Guest Ubik

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MFG - Project Genesis


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Artist: MFG

Title: Project Genesis

Label: Phonokol

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 00'41" Intro

02. 07'30" Intelligent Machine

03. 07'34" Project Genesis

04. 08'08" Open Mind

05. 08'12" Why?

06. 08'27" Voices

07. 07'41" Sunshine

08. 08'02" On Mars

09. 07'42" The Creation

10. 09'29" Metamorphosis




Lots of people think this is the worst MFG album, but I don't agree. This album

is less good than New Kind of World, but better than The Prophecy in my

opinion. The sound is darker and muddier than in previous album and the

production is better.It is full of strong bass lines. The only thing that is

not good is that the tracks are not enough varied. The highlights in this

album are Metarmophosis, which is very original, Why ? and On Mars. 7.5/10

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Guest Tequila

That's right, we see in this album how skilled is now the group

MFG.Nevertheless, I keep on thinking that this their worst one.Some trax are a

little boring and we often have to jump to other tracks if we don't want to

fall asleep.OK, I'm probably exagerating a little, because this albums remains

a good one, and the track "Why?" is excellent, but buy the other ones from MFG

before this one.6.5/10

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Why? changed my Life. The best track by MFG. It's worth getting for that track

only but there are several other tracks that're good. "The Creation" gets 2:nd

place tight followed by "Intelligent Machine" and the slower one

"Metamorphosis" which is perfect for being a bit slow (I mostly don't like the

slower ones). "On Mars" is another piece of beauty.Really great album. The

2:nd best by MFG. 7.5/10

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Guest Kilian_303[at]hotmail[dot]com

Another great album by MFG. The style on this album is diffrent from the other

MFG releases. It´s more dark and the melodies are almost gone. It´s more

suitable for the dancefloor now. A great new direction for MFG! There are no

bad tracks on it but my favourites are Intelligent machine and On mars. Full

on non-fluffy! My rating: 9/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I also think that's their worst album ... I can't say it's really bad, but

I don't have favourites on it ... however I don't think there's really Bad

Tracks, but most of them are a little annoying ... Rating : 5/10

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Well this album is great. Can´t understand how u ppl dislike (rating - 5/10 sux

:P )

MFG for presidents!

Track number three, Project Genesis is like the best song ever..and then we

have Metamorphosis and Voices.. phew.. rating - 10/10

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Guest Skytrancer

Some people think this is very bad album, I disagree!

The sounds are completely different compared to the stuff


But, it's harder and I love it!

There are melodies, great sonds!

It achieve perfection, a masterpiece!

You must have it in your collect!

So I give it 9/10!

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Guest Ehsanur

"Why?" is one of the strongest and most powerful

songs I've heard from the Goa-scene. Its so heavy melodic

psychedelic...---israeli psytrance at its best!

Apart from that,the songs are quite good, however

not the best songs from from the guys with message

from God. "A new kind of World" is better and

"Prophecy" is less good. other than that I like Intelligent

Machine,On Mars, and Project Genesis. I have always liked MFG/Passenger,I think

they are FAT!

7,99999999999 /10


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Guest Magic Plant

As usual, MFG produces something very good. Why? is

excellent, one of the best goa songs that I have heard!

I like how it builds up and around two minutes I feel

like I'm flying over the dance floor. The build up

then continues with these wonderful noices between

intervals and with the climax starting at 6:20 and

continuing to the end of the song. This one is very

good to play loud in the car too! |-)

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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Deep, dark, hard trance. Good samples. Intelligent Machine, Project Genesis,

Why?, Sunshine and Metamorphosis. I like this one just as much if not more

than the others. Get it. 8/10.

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Guest Gustav

I got so disappointed after buying this record. Is this really MFG, what had

happened to the dynamic duo? After having seen the progressions from their

first album to the second, my expectations were rather detailed about this

one. I put it on my bookshelf to collect dust. By some reason I started

listening to it again some weeks later, and this time without demands. Wow!

This time it felt so alien, so complex, so damn intelligent!

Now I consider it as one of my absolutely best albums, particulary because of

its original style.

On this album they've introduced a lot of more alienated wobbling sounds And

harder drums. There's no classic once-a-track israeli melodies, but a lot more

layers of melodies, noises And effects.

This is something way beyond most of the standard stuff released during the


Even the punkrockers in the city, for whom I played a couple of tracks seemed

to like it. Atleast they stomped in unison.

So learn from the punkrockers and go stomp to this you too! (9+/10)

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Guest Goa Sage

Perhaps one of my best albums ever. This one will always be special for me,

'cause it was my first album (I had only purchased compilations before). This

alien ambience sends shivers down my spine every single time I listen to it.

Many people don't understand this album the first time they hear it - and

neither did I - but after a while, you will be amazed by the complex structure

in the tracks and the extraterrestrial soundscape. It's a shame that many

people are so harsh critic. Listen to it again and you will find new sounds,

where you least expect them. You will discern melodies and patterns and soon

you'll be trippin' on Mars... :) My favourites are "Why?", "Intelligent

Machine", "Voices", "Open Mind", "On Mars", "Project Genesis",

"Metamorphosis", "Sunshine" and "The Creation". Oops, that's all the tracks!

:) Then you should probably understand how great this album is. Buy it now!

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  • 2 months later...

nice dark and "metallic" (? hehe) album. been listening to this album for years

and i never get bored with intelligent machine (just listen to the takeoff at

5:17) and why? (those voices, woah). 7/10

hm, did i write the review above?

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Guest [Anonymous]

this Album rockes just like all the others!!. Rock on MFG!! Rating: 10/10, a

must buy! Astral Projection, MFG, & California Sunshine forever baby!!

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  • 3 months later...

Project Genesis is IMO MFG's best album to date. Numerous listeners also consider their previous album, New Kind of World  to be their best album, and for me NKoW lacks the darker, surrealistic, nighttime mayhem that IS Project Genesis in spades despite several songs on New Kind of World being better than a few on Project Genesis and vice-versa. I love the conceptual cyber-GOA approach on Project Genesis and find both this and NKoW substantially better than their 1996 debut, The Prophecy-- yet even that was a solid debut with great work! Few will disagree that Project Genesis is darker, more intense. When it comes to Cyber / Cyborg / Cybernetic (futuristic / machines) influence relative to electronic music > Goa Trance however, Project Genesis is cybernetic gold. 

Constructive Criticisms

I thought Voices was a bit of a let down after such stellar songs (2, 3, 4) leading up to it, though it's not bad, just less of a stand out IMO. Then there's the album's cover which looks like a cheap rip-off of the movie Independence Day. MFG's first two covers are excellent, imaginative, and visionary-- so complimentary. What happened with this one is anyone's guess!


The cybernetic/Sci-Fi influence goes from good > great > to excellent/superb, starting with Intelligent Machine and the self-titled Project Genesis, then peeking with gems like WHY? which is one of the best things I've ever heard in Goa Trance! I get such strong visions with this album compared to New Kind of World and The Prophecy. Project Genesis is loaded with hard hitting tracks that beautifully blend darkly infectious and fun, dance-friendly Goa with Psytrance, coupled great bass lines, synths, atmosphere, climaxes, and complexity. The cybernetic style is refreshing, catchy, and engaging. Each song has character, is well defined, and develops throughout. Project Genesis is is a terrific concept album and my favourite album by MFG. I love it! 

(All except for Intro and Voices)

9 / 10

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Guest stelium[at]infonie[dot]fr

Bad album??? NO!!..it's a violent album ,more nervous than Newkind ofworld &

propHECy...favourites tracks : WHY? , PROJECT GENESIS , ON MARS



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I think this is great! worst album is THE PROPHECY that album SUCKS. I am

sooooo tired of Astral Projackoff sound !!! The prophecy should have

Astral's name on it because it sounds like he wrote it. These new albums are

the True evolving sound of MFG. Things Change, and for MFG they change and

become better! Only greedy fools try and duplicate past acts of

success............and in my book MFG's first album was just a learning

experience of music creation... so he created something that was basic. He

made it for the Astral crowd because that's what they wanted to hear. Nowadays

he makes it for himself. And it sounds MUCH better than it did before. Now He

has his own Identity and sound. And people should respect it even if they

don't like it. Godspeed MFG

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Oh my god INTRO is the best goa/psy trance track EVER!!!!!!! Those 41 seconds

changed my LIFE! It's amazing what MFG has come up with in the track INTRO.

I'm just amazed... it's incredible INTRO IS THE MOTHER GOD. I fucking love it.

INTRO makes this album priceless! The rest of the tracks suck dick though...

oh well I LOVE THIS ALBUM! 3724/10!

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Guest sunconscious

you all can go to hell and die. this album is great, my favorite MFG. there

is one thing wrong with it. it sounds like you are listening thru a wall. if

only they made it sound clearer and more up-to-date!


I LOVE SUNSHINE! i think this is the best track... you gotta listen to it

carefully... listen to all the shit that is goin on... its NOT random...

everything is there for a purpose and this is a very complex song. truly


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Guest Swede Indeed

I have tried and tried to understand this record but no, I can't see why some

people give this 9/10 or 10/10. This is not good. Ok if it's the first goa

album you buy but anyway...Intelligent machines is ok. Project Genesis is very

ok, 9/10 for this track, sooo fat and evil sounding. But I don't understand

why Why? is so popular. It's boring but not as boring as the rest of the

tracks. They actually suck a little with their long build-ups without any

breakdowns. And the synths are to hard too be soft and too soft to be hard if

you see what I mean. Metamorphosis is quite ok too but my raitings stay at a

6/10, mostly for the Project Genesis track. Otherwise it had been a 4/10. The

Prophecy, 9/10 is alot better and A new kind of world, 8/10 is also superior.

Even The Message,8/10 beats this.

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  • 1 month later...

Excellent album from MFG, not as good as New Kind of Word, but 10 times better

than the old tracker sounding "Prophecy" and the minimalist "Message". Tracks

on this album are kicking, fat, with excellent backgrounded melodies. 8/10

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  • 1 month later...

This might be MFG most solid and hard album up to date. Incredible atrmospheres, pumping bass, loads of melodies. TOTALLY CYBER !

This one is for sure the music for aliens or cyberdised humans. very effective, dark, pumping goa trance ! Best on album : INTELLIGENT MACHINE, PROJECT GENESIS, WHY ?, SUNSHINE, ON MARS, METAMORPHOSIS... 10/10

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