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V/A - A Better Life Through Chemistry

Guest Genetix

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Guest Genetix

V/A - A Better Life Through Chemistry


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Artist: Various

Title: A Better Life Through Chemistry

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 8'22" 12 Moons : Beacon

02. 7'22" Natina : Rockclimber

03. 8'29" Transparent : Open The Sky

04. 8'21" Aphid Moon : Upgrade

05. 7'18" Black Sun : Invisible Cities

06. 7'17" Prometheus : Cambodia

07. 8'06" Noma : Instant Delivery

08. 7'19" Bamboo Forest : Awake

09. 7'10" Killahutrz : Bluerst




Interesting release from Dragonfly. More trancy than psytrancy. All of the

tracks are interesting and worth to be heard. I don't have enough free time

for full review now. Best tracks are: (t8) classic Bamboo track (t7) classic

Noma track too. (t5)Tristan's fingers over Black Sun track and the result is a

quite good track. Other tracks are good too. I give 6.5/10.

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Guest Defbydelta...

Hmm.. for some reasone i dont like dragonflys stuff but this is ok. i think

1,5,6,7,8 is the killers here..... 7-8/10

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Guest GoaGabba

It's the standard Dragonfly comp. Some tunes touch the clubby side of things

now and again. But all in all I think there's a hell of a lot of other

compi's to get at the moment.

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Guest [Anonymous]

as published in march/april issue of upfront magazine:

Title: A Better Life Through Chemistry

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Dragonfly Records.

With their 54th release Dragonfly once again prove to us that they truly are

the daddy of the psychedelic playground. A Better Life Through Chemistry takes

us on a melodic, spiralling and insane journey through the length and breadth

of sounds and bass throbs that are definitive of 21st psy-trance: from the

darkness of Transparent, through the twisted melodies of Aphid Moon and

finally, forcing us to take a dab of the speed-fuelled Killerhurtz. freaky bob

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