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V/A - Israel's Psychedelic Trance 2


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V/A - Israel's Psychedelic Trance 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Israel's Psychedelic Trance 2

Label: Trust In Trance

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'27" Oforia : Timelessness

02. 05'54" Mystica : Orly's Remix

03. 07'17" Nada And DJ Jörg : Viking

04. 06'44" Prodenya : Magnetic Fields

05. 06'14" Shidapu : Vertigo

06. 08'32" Astral Projection : Soundform

07. 07'29" Miko And Har-Ell : Disneyland

08. 07'33" P Cok : Pletorax

09. 08'23" The Passenger : Planet Earth




Another very good CD, altough it's not so good as the first one!! It has still

lots of Israeli classics, but I've heard most of those songs already so much

that I'm kinda bored by them (when I don't listen to this Cd for a month than

I really LOVE it again when I hear it back!!) So it's worth the investement

when you don't have those songs already on other CD's!! Best tracks:1,3,5,6&7

Bom Shankar

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Guest Phaedrus[at]austin.rr[dot]com

I thought this album was an absolute masterpiece! It grabs you instantly, and

each track takes you on a wild ride. Oforia opens it up in classic style. Timelessness

has become one of my favorite tracks of alltime. Mindblowing! Ofer is insane and I love it!

Track 3 has some of the weirdest and coolest beats I gave heard. 4 and 5

don't let up for a second, and the remix of soundform is longer and phreakier

than the original. Disneyland seems to suck you in even further and Pletorax

keeps you there. Planet Earth lets you down gradually and makes you sad that

this beautiful album is over. 10/10.

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Guest pralien[at]shpongle[dot]com




Prodenya track is one of the best goa trance tracks ever made. Rest is as good

but magnetic fields......

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Guest laxduke[at]memodata[dot]net

Incredible, i had half of this compilation on my hdd for 2 years now, but never

managed to get time to listen it :(

Now i have listen it, and must say/write it is incredible.

Miko and Har-Ell with Disneyland became one of my all time favorite :) : ) :)

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