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Transwave - Helium

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qa2pir    7

"My Dear Medical Assurance" is really divine, but all the tracks capture the goa spirit well. My least favorite is "A Journey In The Outerspace (Remix)" which, to be honest, isn't very good, and the ones i like the most (except the fabulous MDMA that is so obviously the best for me) are "Biolab Epilogue" and "The Rezwalker (Live)", thinking about how the live gig was at which the latter was played sends a tingle down the spine.



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Jon Cocco    94

Transwave is creative!

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w_lizzard    2

Here is THE album of the pioneers Transwave back in 1996.

What an album guys!What a label?

The whole album has something special to offer to the fans of pure psychedelic trance experience.

I can't peak any favorite track here.

Highlights from my point of view:

My Dear Medical Assurance just to smash your brain.

Trashish to rock on in your dancing adventure.

The Rezwalker to show us excellent technics of goa trance.

Helium to show us that collaboration is one of the best characteristic behaviour in human nature!

and the unforgettable hypnotic trance gem Biolab (Epilogue).



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Jon Cocco    94





Posted Image


Track list:


01. 02'30" Prologue - B

02. 07'59" My Dear Medical Assurance - A-

03. 07'00" A Journey Into The Outerspace (Rmx) - B+

04. 05'56" Trashish - A-

05. 09'02" Zero Density - A-

06. 08'21" The Rezwalker - A-

07. 10'40" Hypnorhythm - B+

08. 08'04" Helium - A-

09. 08'08" Biolab Epilogue - B+

10. 07'07" The Rezwalker (London Live Rmx) - A-



Helium is like a breath of fresh air now days, no matter how old old-school. This group produced some of the best songs in Goa-Trance.


Transwave has a strong, elegant, and distinct sound. Their style was novel and older than most known Goatrance groups in that Transwave never evolved past 1996 when Goatrance took off with album releases (including 1996). Helium is possibly, arguably, at least one of their best albums with exception to 2007's "BackFire" compilation album of wonderful, 90's material. The leading melody in Trashish (amongst other songs) is still unforgettable to this very day.


Land of Freedom (on their Phototropic album) turned me on to Transwave, but much great work is on Helium.


This album is a collectible gem and has some of the most infectious, innovative Goa sound/melody work and rhythms on it. Not every song is a classic or superb, however as a whole, this is one of the best Goa-Trance albums. During the golden time of Goa [1996-1998], few artists were as individual and soul driven as Transwave. Why they stopped releasing Goatrance albums after 1996 is anyones guess.


Favorite Tracks: 2, 4, 5, 6, 8.



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Jon Cocco    94

Did Transwave release two albums in 1996 ?

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acid-brain    116

I didn't realise how good the title track Helium was until listening to this album again today. The melodies shimmer and are insanely psychedelic. At exactly half way through the track a very memorable melody comes in that goes up and down like a big sine wave, pulling you in and out. Fantastic.

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