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Eat Static - Epsylon


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Eat Static - Epsylon


Artist: Eat Static

Title: Epsylon

Label: Ultimate

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 07'24" Epsylon

02. 06'32" Dionysiac

03. 06'48" Peeow

04. 08'40" Undulattice (Uforic Rmx)

05. 06'42" Lost In Time

06. 08'15" Gulf Breeze (Zetan Mix)

07. 07'54" The Brain




Another superb Eat static cd,but also Very very hard to get but then again its

worth the effort(i searched 5 years for it).this cd together with abduction

are the best 2 eat static cd's ever(and the hardest to get also),no bad tracks

on it.

A blend of psytrance,ambient and tribal 10/10

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Beautiful stuff......bought this years ago and it still sounds great - you can

see how the older Eat Static music influenced Simon/Shpongle - especially in

tracks like Dionysiac with the sci-fi manga drum and bass and dub epics.

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  • 7 years later...

Eat Static keep bringing their best material. Two of their EPs are fused in this one release.

Epsylon and Dionysiac are both dancefloor stompers with the best psy-vibe artists could achieve at that time.

Peeow is a great titled track - starts pretty simple but then every thread merges into a beautiful and driving picture of sounds.

Lost In Time my favourite track here. Very catchy.



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