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Emuna - Emuna

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Guest strou[at]mail[dot]tele[dot]dk

Emuna - Emuna


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Artist: Emuna

Title: Emuna

Label: BNE

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 05'46" Adon Haslichot

02. 09'05" Crystal Clear

03. 05'18" The 3rd World

04. 06'19" Heart Of Trance

05. 06'26" Missing Bush

06. 08'00" Angel Kaya

07. 05'25" Once In A Million

08. 08'43" I Believe

09. 05'08" God's Image




I've only listened to this album a few times, and must say that it's not really

something I enjoy listening too. I'm not the big fan of Israeli but for those

of you who are, this cd will probably do the trick. I like tracks 4 and 6 but

that's about it. Track 4 for has a really great bassline, but at the end it

just get too cheesy. 2/10 is what I can give this album.

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Guest Mascok

didnt like it at all, sounds too cheesy for me i guess.

the beats, melodies and background fx's just sound too cluby trance for me :).

i prefer my trance more dark, psychedelic and heavy!.

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Guest Eyal Yankovich

Hello, My name is DJ Eyal Yankovich and i am a member of the group

Emune(together with Guy Zukrel - M.F.G, Passenger). I just wanted to say

upfront to all that Emuna IS a Club Trance act and so please dont judge the

album by Psychedelic standarts and start the useall "snowball" of bad reviews.

Any one who knows the compilations that i am releasing on my label - HOMmega

knows by now that i am trying to reflect the whole range of Israeli Trance.

From Uplifting And Anthemic to Progressive, Dark And Psychedelic Trance.

Emuna is here for the people who miss the E Motion of TRANCE as it used to

be(not so long ago it seems) before the "Evil" Tech-Trance virus has infected

the whole scene.

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Guest mrsyed

i've been buying everythign that has ever been rleasesed by HomMega and I

wanted to say thank god for this albel. I would wholeheartedly agree on the

psy-techno noise that has been taking over all the labels from creamcrop to

Hadshot to ZMA to Flying Rhino to some minor extent. The music that I fell in

love with was the Goa Trance, it was spiritual, ethereal, emotional, complex

and psychedelic. Psy Tech abandons all these charateristics, its not a step

forward its a step backward. Just dance to the beat if you can stand it, no

mental food at all. Even though Emuna is not a full fledged Psy Trance act, it

does not claim to be, it's very heartfelt trying to evoke the reasons why some

of us embraced the GOA trance genre. So enjoy Emuna, you will if you feel like

I do. Eyal, keep the faith!

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Guest [Anonymous]

"Emuna" is a new project by DJ Eyal Yankovich (HOM-mega!) and Guy Zukrel(M.F.G,

Passenger). We can immediately say one thing about this album: it's sweet as

candy! You'll have to like it. The overall atmosphere is quite clubby with

very accessible trance tunes, something we can only endorse (it doesn't always

have to be highly experimental!).

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Guest dj_tronic[at]

"'Emuna' means 'faith' (in Hebrew) and that's exactly

how we feel about our music!"

Emuna is DJ Eyal and Guy Zukrel hailing from Israel.

Their music is spiritual and emotional in nature and

will be appreciated by all who listen. By being

'faithful' to their inspirations (Sasha, Man With No

Name, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold...), they have

created a moving album full of uplifting trance.


The energy on the album is amazing, beginning with the

track 'Adon Haslichot'. This track is a trance take on

a traditional Israeli prayer and works great to set

the pace of the album. When the song hits the break

and the female vocals rise from the void, I just want

to close my eyes and raise my hands towards the sky.


The excitement builds as we continue on to 'The 3rd

World', a beautiful progressive stormer built around a

vocal sample, "travel to the third planet," and some

sounds from beyond our world.


Once 'Missing Bush' kicks in, the aggressive beat

forces you to move, making good on the phrase

'trancedance'. You become lost in the song. Moving

directly into the full-on psychedlica of 'Angel Kaya'

it is clear that you have arrived at your destination,

and you are far from home, and all is good and

peaceful here.


With the last two songs on this CD, Emuna are kind

enough to return us home, though some of us may not

wish to come back! By slowing down the pace, they

allow us to process the music, the dance, the

spirituality. It is fitting that the closing songs are

named 'I Believe' and 'God's Image'. They are spaces

for reflection within a realm of psychedelic trance.


Whatever you believe in, believe in the power of Emuna

to move your mind and your body...

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Guest Thunder K

The mix between israeli trance and clubtrance is innovative

but the sound ... remenber me ... the 90's dance.

For me this album is not good for hearing and not good for moving ... 2/10

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Guest migrui[at]netc[dot]pt

I bought Emuna which is an authentic and fascinating masterpiece as i never

heard until today. From the first to the last as it is supporting the

breathing and it provokes a wave of interior energy which takes us to the sky.

Thank you very much for this magnificent work and my sincere congratulations.

Rui Gouveia

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Some of these tracks are extremely beautiful, and even emotional. It may sound

old school, but so what. Not all goa has to be acid-tripping Full On, to be

appreciative. Those who love melody and very uplifting trance should be

pleased with this CD. I do hope DJ Eyal Yankovich continues to make music like

this, because there doesn't seem to be much like it anymore.

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Guest Pzzt - Neo

Respect... it's very tempting to call this clubby and I guess it is to some

degree but the production on this is amazing, the melodies are good and the

sounds are crystal clear... i donno, i really liked it... 5/10 as a psy album,

8/10 as a refreshing dose of clubby goa beats

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I like this style! This is surely one of the best albums for me! Very melodic

psytrance. missing bush, angel kaaya and one in a billion are very beautiful

songs , you must listen to these!! i don't like track 2&3 so much. if you like

melodic goa than this is a masterpiece of it!

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Hey guys,


I absolutely love this album. I had an audio cassette of this album, which I have unfortunately misplaced. I tried to buy it a couple of times here in India, but I was n't able to. Please if anyone has any info where I can get it, I'll be most grateful!!



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