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V/A - Dragon Tales 2

Guest Ubik

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I just bought it, The 1st tracks first section is fucking brilliant, Quite

different than other Llopis tracks I have, although that's not even a hand few

;) I like it! then comes Fabel, again brilliant! It's got that guy from Phoney

Orphants which is almost a sure stamp of a rocking track. Alhad also rocks.

Denmark are fantastic!!! though I need to listen to it again to really

remember the jist of it. Fuzzion did a great job with the intro on Diffusion &

have made up for Brown Eyed Girl :)( Next up is Magnetrixx, which is okay but

that groove is familiar in alot of his work. I like Ploxis better on Vibration

3 - Medium. Adrenochrome rocks with a little twist of Big Wigs almost in parts

of the track & Treibstoff really surprised me with the last track. This CD

will only get better, which is the sign of a good trance compilation. The

quality of the production is also fantastic & the better tracks of this

compilation create an atmosphere, hence Minimal/Progressive.

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V/A - Dragon Tales 2


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Dragon Tales 2

Label: Tatsu

Date: 2001


Track listing:


01. 08'58" Llopis : Gira Lux

02. 06'41" Fabel : Facula

03. 08'32" Alhad : Green

04. 07'51" Fuzzion : Diffuzzion

05. 08'01" Magnetrixx : Phorese

06. 09'09" Adrenochrome : Midizin

07. 07'50" Fuzzion : The Outlaws

08. 09'04" Treibstoff : Once Again




Good follow up to Dragon Tales 1. Still on the minimal/hard side of things

(which is no surprise by looking at the names), but more varied.

First three tracks are good/great depending on my mood, all heavy, quite dark

and hypnotic. Next Diffuzzion is lighter and funkier but I really think it

lacks some punchy bass and strong kick so I don't like it a lot. Phorese is a

typical Magnetrixx track (check the reviews of the album), great, but

unfortunately it has already been released. Back in the style of the beginning

of the comp with Adrenochrome - Midizin, but better, this is a great track,

good rythm, cool synthline a little later in the track. Fuzzion tried to do

the same trick in The Outlaws than in Brown Eyed Girl, but it doesn't work as

well here, the break is a little too long I think but the song is very good

otherwise, in the Fuzzion style, quite groovy. Last track by Treibstoff is a

real surprise, the perfect morning song, a little reminiscent of some Atmos

stuff. Overall a very nice effort from Tatsu, I'll give this 8.5/10

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This compilation is worth getting just because of the first track - an

excellent, dark trip by llopis. The rest of the tracks is also good... I'd

give 10/10 for llopis, 7.5/10 for the rest... Ok, maybe 8.5/10 fo adrenochrome


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Guest Mescalinium

I have this comp on vinyl, which has all the songs minus tracks 5 and 7, so I

can't really factor these into the review. The Llopis song, Gira Lux, has an

interesting bassline and some nice percussion sounds but not much progression.

Sounds nice for about three minutes and then traverses into boredom

territory. Fabel's work is hard and minimal, but misses the boat. Too few

sounds, again nice bassline, but not enough to redeem this track. I greatly

enjoy the Alhad song, Green. It has a similar bassline to track 2, but also

incorporates enough sounds to hold my interest for 9 minutes. The next track,

by Fuzzion, is a marked contrast to the first 3 Iboga artists. Very loud and

noisy; I like a lot of the individual sounds, but I don't always enjoy the

total package. Works for me sometimes. The Adrenochrome song, Midizin, is my

favorite here. Starts out in familiar minimal territory, good call above on

the Bigwigs-type noises in the first half of the track. Almost sounds like

Vibra Fon, but not quite as weird. Takes a while to get going, but about 3

minutes into the song a heavy synth line enters the song along with some

inventive percussive arrangements. Reminds me of a slightly germanic Ticon

track. Excellent progession, Adrenochrome is definately one of my artists to

look out for. (Adrenochrome/Achim Luthje is also one half of Prisoners of the

Sun). Check out his single on Plastik Park, Soul Ham/Optical Feedback. The

last song, Once Again by Treibstoff is another gem. Simultaneously melodic

and hypnotic, it's a great morning track but it's dark enough to be played at

night as well. Great closing number, particularly in the mood of this comp.

Overall it's a bit of a mixed bag with Alhad, Adrenochrome and Treibstoff

providing the highlights. While I normally like a lot of variety, some of the

tracks (i.e. Fuzzion) just didn't seem to fit in with the others. 6.5/10

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... and the russions are great :) i like 'difuzzion' a lot. that's the reason

why i bought this cd... i don't like the first two tracks... tracks 3,4,5,6,7

and 8 are just great :) ...if you like fuzzion, you should also try 'TIP.world

2000 singles' same style ... same groove... Dragon tales 2 is a hypnotising

compilation... 8/10

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a few month later, there's time for an upgrade ... i realy started liking the

Llopis track because after a few listens i got this organic feeling during the

cd ... (organic in a way the music is taking over the movements of your body )

... this cd is awesome ... oh yeah , the treibstoff track has this incredible

spooky synthline which i like .... dragon tales 2 (the best in the series imo)

get now 9/10

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