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V/A - The Delta Force


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V/A - The Delta Force


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Artist: Various

Title: The Delta Force

Label: Phonokol

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Der Interpret : Wechselstorm

02. Authentic : Vampires

03. Spirallianz : Battlejuice

04. Midi Miliz : Aeromoda

05. X-Dream : Thorazin

06. The Delta : Low Level Format

07. The Delta : Send In Send Back (Atmos Rmx)

08. Midi Miliz : Intermediate

09. The Delta : Standby

10. G4 : The Final Conflict




I heard about this comp a long time ago, but only now it was released

worldwide. That's maybe the reason that it has 4 already released and pretty

old tracks. Anyway track #1 is from "The Interpret". It's only 3'49 long, and

can be seen as an intro. It's not really trance, it even has vocals - Marcus

Maichel singing (in German). I don't find it bad though, pretty cool actually!

Track #2 is from Authentic with a powerful track. It's pretty much the same

style as The Delta maybe a little more percussion. Track #3 is from

Spirallianz. I think we all know this track by now. It has been released on at

least five different records before, first time almost a year ago. It was a

good track. Track #4 from Midi Miliz, also already released. It's almost

techno, very hard and powerful. Track #5 is a one year old track from X-Dream.

Good, but I would have preferred a new track. Track #6 is from The Delta.

Finally a new track from them! Usual stuff - begins techno, ends trance. It

could have been taken from their last album. Best track on this comp! Track #7

looks very interesting, Atmos remixing The Delta! The "tech" feeling is gone,

replaced by a synth. Has not much in common with the original track, but still

a good track. Track #8 is again from Midi Miliz, also their usual stuff that

could have been on Passages. Track #9 from The Delta again. Probably the best

track from Send in Send Back. Last track #10 is from "G4" and it's sort of

breakbeat, I have nothing special to say about it. So this comp had 4 already

released tracks 2 non-trance ones. Remaining are 4 new tracks, #2, #6, #7, #8,

all of them very good. This comp should have had 10 such tracks instead. So

only 5,5/10 for The Delta Force.

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Dark, gritty psy-techno here from the German masterminds, although M.O.S. could've made a appearance on this compilation with a tune like "My Baby" or the killer track "Timing".


Quality stuff here. Best songs are 1,2(!!)3,4,5(!!!!!),6,7,8,9(!!!!!!!!!!!!). #10 is average, I need to listen to it more to give it a decent review. The only bad part about this compilation is that nearly ALL of these songs have been released before, so there might not be a incentive to buy this.



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