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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Noosphere - Aqua

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Noosphere - Aqua


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Artist: Noosphere

Title: Aqua

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 07'20" Hyperfocus

02. 07'27" Plan-B

03. 06'36" Vector

04. 04'17" Anenomy

05. 06'25" How Do You Like Me Now ?

06. 05'25" Waterproof

07. 08'26" The Return

08. 05'49" Changes

09. 06'13" Quicksand

10. 07'27" Captain Proton

11. 05'22" Expect The Unexpected




The good impress that was confered to me by the previous «

Captain Proton » on global psy trance 8 is largely

confirmed. According to me, Noosphere is one of those

artists that got their proper typical musical style. They

do what they want to, they don't try to imitate what's

working these days and even are against the current with

some 303 lines.

Aqua is a very eclectic album and this is its major force,

maybe some listeners will be a bit lost in the always

musical changes.

This album has muffled sound coupled with melancholy tones

and nice melodies.

2 tracks (Vector & Expect The Unexpected)are made with help

from Marcus (X Dream),they 're rougher,faster & sharper but

keep this slight dark atmosphere; the 2 are dancefloors.

Hyperfocus is an energic & dancefloor track,with metallic

percu & nice synth lines.

Plan-B is dancefloor too, much subtle with vibraphone like

melody,one og the happiest tunes on Aqua.

Anemony is a bewithing melancholy downtempo stuff with

chimes melody.

Next one is a more basic dancefloor track.

Waterproof is a downtempo at acoustic country guitar.

The return is a robotic jerky one for dancefloors.

Changes is another melancholy downtempo track done whith a


Quickdand is a dancefloor one but sounds to me annoying coz

of his weakly melody.

Captain Proton has some dracula's atmosphere on his intro

and during all the track,some 303 lines arrives and gives

this track all his energy. There's also some syncoped


Highlights are :Plan-B,Anemony and Captain Proton.

Others goods stuffs :tracks 1,3,6,7,11.

One only bad point, Quicksand .

Mark :9/10 (recommended if you like electism album &

melancholy tones)

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Guest TRISTAN   

Hah. Quicksand ----------------- OMG!

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Guest sviskon   
Guest sviskon

very dissapointing album. Vector is still the outstanding track on this one. I

had expected more.

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Guest MG   
Guest MG

I heard the 12" recently... Wasn't Impressed. From Twisted to Spirit Zone

should almost tell you, but I will endeavour to hear it nonetheless.

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Guest [Anonymous]   
Guest [Anonymous]

"Expect the unexpected" is one of the BEST electro trax I'v ever heard !!!

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Guest fabioschagas[at]ig.com[dot]br   
Guest fabioschagas[at]ig.com[dot]br

p/ o tristan , eu quero saber se sai algum albun esse ano !!!

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Guest [Anonymous]   
Guest [Anonymous]

spirit zone have a habit of releasing better music than twisted as of late... :P

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Guest yan84[at]aquanet[dot]co[dot]il   
Guest yan84[at]aquanet[dot]co[dot]il

A little late on this one we know, but after some strong tracks and a good

reputation for mid-set psychedelic grooves this album is worth checking out.

Hyperfocus kicks things off in a nicely manic flavour, with semi-harsh lines

filter in and out giving ample fuel for those stomping feet. Plan-B features

an initially sparse groove and some awesome pads that make for a moody,

atmospheric sound before detroity techno synths and restrained psychedelic

growls take it further. Vector features M.C. Maichel of X-Dream, and the

influence is evident: a blistering rhythm section provides the backbone for

some truly psychedelic synth runs, peaking the intensity at somewhere around

8.3 on the Richter scale. Anemony is a very laid back, lounge-jazz offering

with plenty of class, all very well but it does have the effect of disrupting

the flow of the album and is likely to have you skipping on to How Do You Like

Me Now?, a Delta-tinged industrial groover. Waterproof is chilled to the point

of almost-coma, with bluesy slide guitar lazily swaggering over drunk beats,

again though it interrupts the flow rather than creating a balance. The Return

is a laid-back, tecchy little tune with nice light melodies swirling about for

a nice morning tune, immediately after which is Changes, another laid back

(verging on the coma again). Quicksand is a clockwork-style trancer with odd

melodies that don’t quite work, making for a sort of grating-polka sort of

effect, while the barking 303 of Captain Proton is sure to get you smiling as

you stomp. M.C. Maichel returns to help lay down Expect The Unexpected, a

spacey electro comedown number which is all very well, though you are left

wishing that something unexpected would happen. The laid back tunes seriously

get in the way and interrupt the flow of the album, and if you program them

out it seems to hang together better. This is close to being a good album, but

somewhere along the line it lost its way.

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Noosphere- Aqua (Spirit Zone, Jul. 2002)

1. Hyperfocus 7:20

2. Plan-B 7:27

3. Vector 6:36

4. Anenomy 4:17

5. How Do You Like Me Now ? 6:25

6. Waterproof 5:25

7. The Return 8:26

8. Changes 5:49

9. Quicksand 6:13

10. Captain Proton 7:27

11. Expect the Unexpected 5:22


Ok, better late then never. Just got this excellent album, and it didn't age

yet. Noosphere deliver a fresh diverse album, touching lots of spots on the

known trance space and exploring some new uncharted territories as well. Fun,

groovy, everchanging, psychedelic, strong mind factor- great cover as well.


They start in your face right from the start- rock'n'roll!!! Great percussive

interphase and back to business. Excellent- who said full on can't be

original? Then it's time for Plan-B (T2)- good kick change move- very nice

opening. Atmospheric melodies. Crunch. Hypnotizing groove. Vector's next.

Well- everything have been already said. After all these parties it's still a

joy to listen and to dance to. Anenomy is a down tempo break with beautiful

mysterious touching lines. Then we move to driving percussion with happy,

grabbing groove. Great. Waterproof (T6) is a nice chilled blusey piece, very

relaxed and with a totally drunk melody. The Return (T7) reminds me of old

Etnica stuff in feel- and that is a good thing. Changes (T8) is the only fall

down here- and not that it's not a good track- it's an excellent loungy

hypnotic piece- it's just that it's totally out of place here, and should have

been left for another more suitable place. Things really change with

Quicksand, which besides the great name, is a sneaky twisted tune that will

sure make you smile. Pure joy. Captain Proton (T10) is my favorite here, with

Vector being everywhere for a long time now. Melodic psytrance at it's best-

just the way I like it- so much feel! Can't wait to play it pitched up in a

morning somewhere in nature. A second team up with Marcus Michael (after

Vector) ends the story- the most aquatic piece in this Aqua story.


Bottom line: It's been a while since an album got stuck in my changer for

weeks- that says all, I think. Just buy it- that's all. Favorites: 1, 3(!!),

5-7, 9(!), 10(!), 11.

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seraph    14

Well...Here is another pretty crazy album too...It has some really nice sounds

and crazy rhythms but also some nice dub stuff as well...Some parts are very

psychedelic and some are very slow...So, it is actually not an album to listen

to it as a whole...All songs are cute or good in their own way except a bit

boring Plan B...rest is pretty good : HYPERFOCUS, VECTOR ( ! ), WATERPROOF,


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qa2pir    7

"The Return" really is brilliant. The quirky melody at 4:55

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