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V/A - A Progress In Trance

Guest Deku81

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V/A - A Progress In Trance


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Artist: Various

Title: A Progress In Trance

Label: Transient

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'50" Atmos : A Pro X

02. 09'14" Necton : My Mud is Bubbling

03. 09'29" Son Kite : Inversion

04. 07'51" Vibrasphere : Nowhere

05. 08'02" Noma : What's Out There?

06. 08'59" Phony Orphants : Exebeche

07. 08'34" Hux Flux : Idiot

08. 08'15" Logic Bomb : Pure Kali

09. 08'59" Human Blue : Protonica




Is this the future sound of Transient??? In that case I'm very happy, cause

this rocks!!! This album was compiled by dj Anti

(it's not mixed though). DJ Anti is a well-known dj up here in Scandinavia,

he runs a record store and a label (Spiral Trax).

The album contains only scandinavian artists, mostly Swedes. It's very

progressive and hard and you should play it LOUD!!

All tracks are excellent!! (maybe I'm a little biased because I am from

Sweden myself :) ). This is exactly the kind of

trance that I love and want to hear when I go to parties. Well watch out

world, cause here comes Scandinavia!!!!!! =)

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Guest my life is yours

minimal, very trippy, trancy, kinda dark, very different sounds, but i love it.

i've been listening to it more n more often lately, and it gets better n

better. fresh!!!

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Guest a_laine[at]yahoo[dot]com

I love this album!The scandinavian sounds have always been close to my

heart(I'm finnish myself)but this cd is just amazing.I like tracks 6&7 the


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Guest Andreas_h80[at]hotmail[dot]com

dark progressive scandinavian morning trance, i love this compilation ,my

style of trance .This is a must have!

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Guest AtomikElf

full of surprises at every listen. i haven't gotten into the scandinavian

trance vibe yet, and i'm still making up my mind, but i bought this anyway and

it's a good buy. it's new to me and very interesting indeed. very much more

spacey than your usual, but don't let that fool you, it's very very trippy

once you let your guard down. it's like, you're not sure where it came from,

but the next thing you know you're wondering what the hell's going on (in the

good/freaky way) - this song is so fuckin tripped out, and then you start

appreciating this cd more and more. 8/10 the only song that's a little bit

uncool is #7 tho.

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Guest jonatanh[at]hotmail[dot]com

Best track is the one by Hux Flux (nr 7)! It's so annoying and at the same time

so fucking good :)

I first heard it at a party, and it made me laugh. And I love to smile at

parties ;)

Anyways, this compilation is a MUST. The best of scandinavian QUALITY trance.

Nothing more to say.

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Guest master_illusion[at]hotmail[dot]c

all the scandinavian trance releases should be like this compilation. AMAZING.

Most of the scando-prod after it are too minimal... I don't want the so called

"psy-tecno"!!!! Anyway Progress in Trance is STILL a must to be played at


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Guest robgoatrance[at]libero[dot]it

A good cd from Transient....Best track is Human Blue-Protonica with a fantastic

melody (10/10)! Bad track in Hux Flux - Idiot (5/10) and the rest is good!

Rating: 6.5/10 !ROB! ITALY !

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Guest damoneves[at]hotmail[dot]com

I struggle to understand why people write "best tracks are..." so often it

happens, as above,.. "best track no .7" on one review , then worst track no.7

on next review ??? So is it good or not? decide for yourself. As it goes track

7 is the only questionable one on the album. The rest is sweeping scando

trance that chills to the bone at parties. A must for anyone who likes the

progresseive sound...for those that don't ...buy this and i'm sure most of you

will get into it.

i think...88 out of 100

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  • 2 weeks later...

Idiot is kind of strange, ok but not their best imo. For the rest there is no

exception, only good and very good tracks. The whole comp is very refreshing,

sounds are "clean" :) Highlights include Logic Bomb as always hard and melodic

enough with cool fx, Noma and Human Blue (a little reminiscent of old X-dream

songs). 8/10

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest [Anonymous]

One of the best CD's I will ever buy, it made me re-examine Psy-Trance. From

what I have heard of Transient CD's, this is the best by far. Every Track is

brilliant, except iMHO track 7 (Not my cup of Tea), but as for the rest of the

album, the vast spectrums covered, my fave track is Exebeche by Phony

Orphants. Between this, Pulse 6 & Dementertainment, there is always plenty for

me to listen to.

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Guest Goa Spirit

Man this album is one of the best ever produced... think about it... when it

came out the artists that feature on this comp were mainly unknown ... boy has

that changed .. logic bomb, noma, vibrasphere,(atmos, human blue and hux flux

were already quite popular) necton all have come out with killer albums after

this.. dj anti was ahead of his time when he made this... definitely one of my

favorite albums of all time... ok maybe its got a bit old now.. but when it

came out it was pure gold.. i still think a lot of the tracks on here are

total rockers even now.. this is scando trance in all its glory..

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Guest djpsylentknight[at]hotmail[dot]c

I actually don't have this CD, but actually got a tape of it from a friend, who

actually got it off another friend. Anyway this is a fantastic album!!! My

best attempt at classifying it is it is not minimal, but what could be called

very good bouncy yet hard morning music!!!

I don't know what tracks are what but my fav is I think no. 6, what I call the

"Alarm Clock Song". Where it has a very alarm clock sounding noise in the

first 10-20 seconds of the track. Has some very good use of samples on it.

This is the only tape in my car collection that I NEVER get tired of listening

to. I think I've gotten sick of listening to the other 15 or so tapes in my

car, but everytime I pop this one on I can't help but love it. I'm going to

have to buy it on CD so I can listen to it in all it's glory at home!!!!

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Guest Deku81

This is one of those compilations that really survived through the years of

minimalistic trance. Still in these days, more than 2 years after it was

released, it is a killer. I wrote the first review of this compilation and it

still kick some serious ass. I just have to tell you that walking around in an

open nature with the sun going down and with headphones on, and hear that

Logic Bomb tack, is so wonderful.. thank you LB!

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Guest Panchamk

this is THE CD that actually made me rethink my view on minimal. i previously

thought that it was just an excuse for extechno bastards to invade our sweet

psy; but after listening to this cd; i've a new found appreciation for

minimal. full marks: 10/10

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  • 13 years later...

Still remember first time I heard this, November 99, CD was just released. I was blown away by this new sound. All artists on here heard them first time on here. Age s I dont listen to it, will dig it again soon.

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