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Out Now! Ghreg On Earth - "Sigilweaver"


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Listen Deeply, Loudly...


...as the rapid paced girth of subharmonic drive ignites.


Welcome to SigilWeaver:


The debut album by San Francisco-based producer Ghreg On Earth.


Sigil Weaver is a mysterious and ominous themed mythical journey captured in dark, psychedelic trance, taking the dancefloor and the listener on a quantum leap into the future of sound and beyond.


Be transported to a realm of ancient technologies where cavernous and undulating soundscapes wrap themselves around razor-edged waveforms; lifting the dancefloor and the dancer into the night sky.


Explore new realms as glitchy, rhythmic shadows surface and form upon rich cinematic undercurrents, condensing into psychedelic bursts of sonic combustion.


Surrender , as spiraling threads of unorthodox arrangements emerge from power noise atmospheres, revealing unique trance formations and aural horizons as yet unexplored.


...Sigil Weaver...


Available at Wirikuta Recordings: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=77975


....and other fine shops around the globe.


Track Listing:


1. table of contents

2. withinfinite

3. the invisible college

4. sigilweaver

5. thoth sphere

6. hex vex elixir

7. book of lies

8. siren star

9. quintessence unfurls


Mastered by Xenomorph:



Art by graphic artist, Amy Martin:



Ghreg On Earth is a producer, DJ, and remix artist. Since the late 1980s, Ghreg has been weaving his distinctive sound and unique musical vision, heavily influenced by his passion for Industrial, IDM and Dark Ambient, throughout dancefloors across the world. Guided by inspiration from past and present cutting edge music, art and literature from the psychedelic and mystical underground, his timeless sound realizes the magical properties of music to guide people into cinematic passages of expanded personal experience.



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And not a day to early :)


I can't remember last time I really been excited to hear a new album, but this one I just have to get.

Ghreg is the undisputable master of psychedelic night music as far as I'm concerned, and I'm quite confident that this will be the best album of 2005, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was the best so far from this millenium.

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Oh man this is so friggin good theres no words to describe!

So grab your creditcard and go buy it!

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Yes, this is highly anticipated...but I doubt that it would be the best album of this millenium, spinner...;):P


You don't find me going in to a lot of promotional theads hyping releases.

Infact I can't think of any releases during this millenium that been as deep and heavy as Ghregs unreleased stuff from the last couple of years.

I'm pretty confident I will think it's the best release this millenium for my taste....well see.




Don't worry, sometime you might also attend to some parties and actually be able to have an educated opinion about the music made for the dancefloor and the terminology involved.

But I undestand where you are coming from, Ghregs music probably will not work in the night in your bedroom.

Shpongle is the bollocks for that I guess. :lol:

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