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The Ultimate DJ Battle

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In March 2006 the Ultimate DJ Battle will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Five DJ’s from five different continents will try to break the current Guinness World Record ‘non-stop-DJ-ing’. The record currently stands at 84 hours, but our aim is to hit the 4 day-limit with a total of 96 hours.

The DJ’s will all have to perform in one club and they will all have their own room. The Guinness World Record Organization fully supports our contest, and we will follow the official rules of the GWR.


The winner of the contest will receive € 10.000,-, international press-attention, a big audience to play for and a free trip to Holland!


We have started the selection procedure this month and we are currently looking for DJ’s brave enough to perform in this contest. Every DJ can apply, the contest is open to all dance-DJ’s in the world. Contestants are asked to send some information about theirselves, such as a biography and a picture, but they also need to fill in an extensive questionnaire. This is also the most important part of the selection procedure, because the contestants will be selected on the basis of their motivation.


For more information about the contest and about the selection procedure check www.ultimatedjbattle.com.


The Ultimate DJ Battle is organised by IN! Events, a young and dynamic organisation specialized in event marketing and promotion. For more information about our company you can visit www.naarbinnen.nl or send an email to info@naarbinnen.nl

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