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Can Anyone help me? its about cubase and keyboard

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today i received my midi keyboard with USB output. after installing the driver etc id like to "wire" it with cubase sx2. and when i start cubase, load a vst, and want to play some notes with the keyboard, i can see that it is wired correctly cuz theres an input information in this "master thing"(the thing u see when pressing F2), but i cannot hear any sound.. no matter what vst i use, no sound is coming.. how can that be?? of course i loaded the keyboard to the channel's "in" section, and the vst to the "out" section, and even if i choose "all midi xyz" in the midi in section, i cant hear anything. but as i said, the program recognizes that there is a keyboard that wants something.. and of course i also marked that red button in the midi channel for playing with a keyboard..


so.. i guess i described now what my problem is and i hope that anyone can help me...





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