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Hi guys,


anyone of people in trance production do this process? What I mean, for example: I have any project in FL studio I have FX channels and I do mixdown with split fx track option.

Than I load it to cubase as audio tracks, and there I do some posprocesses like litlle equlaization maybe I can add some effects or something similar.


What do u thing about it?

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Some people suggested that to me because Fruity is kinda limited in mastering. So I think I'm gonna switch to Cubase or something like that for mastering, but I still need the easy interface of Fruity that lets you put down your ideas easily and not get stuck with details too much...

So I think I'm gonna route Fruity to Cubase (got to get it first :/) with ReWire to get better mastering results... I know some semi-pro or pro producers that produce this way, and their tunes sound great in terms of mastering.

But of course, as always, you have to know what you're doing. You should have good knowledge in EQing, compression, and so on or you can forget about it. Cubase alone wont make it sound better :D

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