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Chris Planet

Psy Vinyl for sale LP's E.P's & 12" UK

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I have got a few bits of vinyl i want to get rid of since i'm moving, and i also don't have anything to play them on.

All are in really good condition and some have only been played once or twice.


Any resonable offers on the lot or i will consider splitting, PM me for more info i am based in the UK




Astral Projection - Unmixed (Transient) Reserved

ManMadeMan - Lovetechnology (Flying Rhino)

Compilation - Movers & Groovers at the Temple of Dawn (TIP World)x2

Compilation - Order Odonata 4 (Dragonfly)



Lunar Civalisation - Moon Spirits Records ( 4 Tracks Bamboo Forest, Total Eclipse, Jaia, Wizzy Noise)

Birthday Bonanza - Flying Rhino 50th 12" Release (4 Tracks, Planet Ben&James, Exile, Seeka, Bus)


12 inch

Absolum - Regenerate / d-generate (TIP World)

Bamboo Forest - Xplorer / Vekto ( Dragonfly)

Kittle Unatik - Winner Riff/ Kashmir (Symbiosis Records)

Mezcal - Seal of solomon / Whats out there ( white label)

Deviant Species - Jughead / bilboan trance (Zero tonin)

Avatar - Machine Life, 2 mixes ( Dragonfly)

Noma - Goons / Vacuum (Spiral Trax)

Dragon - Engen / Riplash (Spiral Trax)

Cyberbabas - Like a Pretzel / Cyberbaba, Pretzel Dreams ( TIP World)

Psychoid - Secret sight / Manic Organic (Koyote )

Brain Bubbles - Scrambled Heads / Visual Aspect, Forces of nature ( USTA)

In-Sect - Slammer, 2 mixes (Transient)

Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust, 2 Mixes (Transient)

Twelve Moons - Zero Gravity 2 mixes (Transient) Reserved

Vibrasphere - Nowhere / Autopilot ( Transient) Reserved

Ticon - Tekk,no / ass-tronaut (TIP World) Reserved

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el brujo    0

-Cosmosis - Intergalatic (Transient)

-Double Dragon - Continuum (Phantasm)

-Green Nuns of the Revolution- 2 vindaloos & and onion bhagee/ Ring of fire (flying rhino)

-Cosmosis & Shakta - The spirit world / Visitors (Transient)

-Compilation - Divi-nations (TIP World)


if you can pm me with the price you re asking for I d like to get these :)

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