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The Darkone - Ravenlock (Cybernetika Remix)

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Hiya :)

This was my first remix and I've spent a lot of really hard work on it, completely thrown away the first concept and reworked everything again. My decision was to convert the original track into a kinda hard psytrance track with a hard bassline and sharp, screaming non-melodic synthlines.

Thanks a lot to The Drow aka TheDarkone for letting me remix his excellent track (thx for tha .flps :))... please also have a listen to the original version of the track here: http://www.dance-industries.com/view_artis...1217&track=8594

Some Info on the tune:

Genre: Hard Psytrance

Length: 8:33 mins

Size: 12 MB

Bitrate: 192kbps

Equipment used: Fruity Loops 5, ReFX Vanguard, Linplug Albino, Audiorealism Bassline, Spectrasonics Atmosphere


Finally, the Link:

Download The DarkOne - Ravenlock (Cybernetika Remix)


Enjoy it and please give me some comments about this one :)

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