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Hello there,

you all welcome to visit my new homepage @ www.prosect.tk


Maybe you don't know me and my music, and maybe you will not know. Big respect to those who know and support me, underground works will keep on going!


On the site:

News: with all the news going on around. Projects: info about the projects. Journal: diary, top 10, reviews, press etc. Releases: what's relesaed and what's on the way. Parties: agenda and past. Downloads: demos, full tracks and wallpapers. Contact: info and guestbook. Links: huge growing collection of links to labels, artists, shops etc.


Shortly about the project:

Andy Yakovlev, born 1983 in Ukraine and now living in south Israel. An electronic music freak with a big passion to massive and original music. A man of visions, tries to be progressive, innovative and fresh. Therefore he breaks the rules, experimenting and mixing different directions in his creations. He looks for an individual way in the wide and growing psychedelic music scene. The funk element is always there in his music.


Why so many projects? Well, each project represent its own taste and its own people behind it. If someone can loves ProSect, he may look for new tunes and will be surprised to hear prog. house suddenly, so there is seperate project for this. ProSect deals with energetic psychedelic trance from any kind. Sound Field is a collaboration between Andy and Liron (The Poofs), and the style is moving from progressive to psy-progressive trance. ICO is moving all around in the electronic music spectrum, freestyling is the key while the psychedelic influence is still there. Under ICO name you can find various minds in each creation. And the newest project is Sonify which deals with deep progressive trance, house and techno.


Forthcoming releases:

Sound Field - Ocean In Motion (Satellite / Oxygen Records)

ICO - Deep In Blue (Peace Therapy Vol.2 / Kagdila Records)


And a bit later on (to be verified):

Sound Field - Passion Session (NASA Remix)

Andromeda - Imploded (Sound Field Remix)

Threshold & Sonify - No More Silence


Meanwhile you can download an ICO remix to The Chemical Brothers "Galvanize" (the original can be found on their new album "Push The Button")




have only the best.


For labels, bookings, info, chat, date (only for girls ) or whatever comes to your mind - contact: info@prosect.tk or by messenger: prosect@hotmail.com



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I am just listening through your demos. Very interesting and varying sounds. The site as such is very nice too and I will download some full versions of tracks next ;) Edit: that was wishful thinking......


I wish you good luck with your projects and thanks for sharing :)

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So now I am the one confusing people.

There are two full tracks for download. ICO - Let Me Lose My Mind isn't quite my taste, but the Chemical Brothers rmx is right cool.

It's just me who was hoping to hear the full versions of ProSect tracks, especially In-Styled. The demo is very tasty. B)

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thank you for visiting, listening and the feedback eleria ;)

really sorry that you can't download the full versions, there most be a reason for that B)


In-Styled is a psychedelic funky disco :)


as you heard my music is a bit different, so it's hard to get it on same strcuutred cd's, labels just don't go on that, let's hope for better days :ph34r:


p.s. now it's officialy, Sound Field - Passion Session (NASA Remix) will be on next Crotus Rec. compilation "Soundscapes Part 2"


take care,


peace and love



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  • 3 years later...

Thanks mate) It's a cool cd!


Since this old old topic popped up you better now that my current site is www.andivision.com

Check and find the releases, you may like some more :)




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