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whats that tune called, name and artist?

mushroom baby

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right just a really quick post to ask, whats the name of that tune that goes

"excuse me, do you fuck as well as you dance? Are you as hot on the dancefloor as you are in the bedrooom.... lets get twisted,.... no not you put it away, take that dog like face to another place"

and the vocals go on like

"your dregs on legs not sex on legs"

Well its something like that anyways

Ive heard two versions of it a psytrance one and a techno version

please could someone tell me the name and artist who done this tune... because id love it to add to my record collection



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Good lyrics... might try track it down. Not that i'm much into vocals in psy but if samples and subtle... could be good!


How about that for a pickup line? :D But as big a hit as this track has supposedly become, it has probably been tried almost as often as the one with th eyes. IMHO the track sucks though.
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ITIYM "Twisted" by Wayne G. and Stewart Who?

Google is your friend.



thats the one - classic hardhouse track, two of my friends did the "Pienaar & Bamford" remix for TEC records a few years back, but it was turned down late on for the 2nd Nick Sentience remix :(

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