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Iboga vs. Feed Me


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Broken Symmetry on http://www.eccentricbeats.com - broadcasting *Monday* (Nov. 15)

Featuring mixes from Diogo Gomes (Feed Me Rec.) & DJ Banel (Iboga Rec.)


My next show is a very special one - it's the one where I get to be lazy. :) For Monday's show, I'll be featuring guest mixes from two of the best progressive wizards that Denmark and Portugal have to offer - DJ Banel (Iboga Rec., Copenhagen) and Diogo Gomes (Feed Me Rec., Lisbon).



Hour 1: Diogo Gomes - Feed Me Records - Portugal


Diogo Gomes has been DJing in many of the biggest clubs & festivals in Portugal and beyond for nearly a decade. Additionally, Diogo ran a weekly show on Radio Vox (Portugal's largest dance music radio) for 2 years, as well as having a mixed CD released through the successful Porguguese magazine Dance Club. In 2003, Diogo and DJ Bart created the Lisbon-based label Feed Me Records, which has already received top acclaim worldwide. Already with releases & remixes from Minilogue, Filur, Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan, Chris Cargo, Moshic, Greed, and André Absolut, Feed Me is poised to reign as one of the most innovative progressive labels in Europe.

More: http://www.feedmerecords.com




Hour 2: DJ Banel - Iboga Records - Denmark


With a DJ career spanning 3 decades, Banel is one of Denmark's most traveled and experienced DJs. Banel has played all over the world, thrilling audiences from Thailand, to Mexico, to Israel and beyond. He has also released a slew of tracks under the name "Fabel", and is about to make waves with his newest studio project, Behind Blue Eyes (with Rene of Beat Bizarre). In 1997, Banel helped with the formation of Iboga Records. 27 CDs, 9 LPs, and 28 singles later, Iboga is recognized as one of the world's top outlets for progressive psychedelic grooves.

More: http://www.iboga.dk




For the first hour, Diogo offers a mix of laid-back, lush progressive house. During the second hour, Banel takes things a little deeper with a fine set of psychedelic-flavored progressive grooves.


To make things even sweeter, the nice people at Sonic Blend (www.sonicblend.com) have offered their chat room for use during Broken Symmetry. Diogo & Banel plan to stop by, and I'll be there with my usual drunken banter. Be there!! :)





Broken Symmetry feat. Dr. Krelm + guests

Guests for Nov. 15 - Banel (Iboga) & Diogo Gomes (Feed Me)

1st & 3rd Monday of the month

2-4pm (EST), 7-9pm (GMT)



Chat here:



Next up:

Dec. 6 - Glen (Joystick Music/Headstick Rec.)

Dec. 20 - Sprout Music Christmas Special

Jan. 3 - DJ Feuerhake

Jan. 17 - Frederik Flanger (Vertikal Rec.)

Feb. 7 - Live from Gieszer 16 feat. Krelm, Mongoose & Phil Alicke

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