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Meller - SOLAR DRUMS (AP Records)


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(AP Records)


Debut album for nothing less then the hottest Progressive Psychedelic Trance band in Germany:



Scherer & DJ Mel have been rocking any possible Psy floor in Germany and around it including Switzerland, Belgium, Austria & other countries. For the last years Marco Scherer, who is the wind & fire behind MELLER, has been producing the most pumping - Fat - Ass shaking Progressive Psychedelic Trance tracks in collaboration with several producers and DJs such as DJ Mel, Heiko Klinger & Andrew the Unicorn. After well established releases with Tatsu, Jum Jam, Millennium, AP Records & other labels, including the successful "Banshee Prophecy" 12" (AP113) on AP Records, MELLER is ready to deliver the most awaited debut artist album in Germany's Goa Psy Trance scene:



Looking for this kick?




and listen to "SOLAR DRUMS".


MELLER booking:






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I'm not really into Progressive Trance. For me, when people mention some TOP progressive trance albums, I usually hear ATMOS - Headcleaner, and for me, I did like two or three tracks on that album, but overall I found it very repetitive, over-rated, and I never really understood what all the hoopla was about.


However, while listening to Meller, I found several sample tracks catchy, but I think many psytrance fans won't like the singing in track 3. Still I'm curious to read what people have to say because I'm not really into progressive psy-trance and yet several parts of this album totally caught my attention. Here some of my thoughts based on the 10 samples I have heard at psyshop...


Anyway, so far the first several tracks (1-4) have not done anythiing for me. Track 1 sounds somewhat cool but those voices could get annoying for some...


I do like the sample of track 5... "Klangbad." That sounds pretty good, with the guitar and all. Nice.


Track 6, Prophecy has these talking female echoe voices which remind me a little bit of the female talking voices in Bio-Tonic, but not as catchy.


Track 7, Voodoo and track 8, Riddim are both the most catchy songs on tihs album too me, along with Klangbad, track 5.


Track 9 seems fairly interesting and track 10 seems fairly decent, albeit repetitive based on the samples.


I have not heard the album in its entirety, just samples so I can't review it, just comment on the samples...


Hopefully more comments will come soon. :rolleyes:

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from what I heard, I dont like it, AT ALL.. and I am a progressive lover...

The singing sucks (very 'german' electro style or whatever), the bassline arent really well done, too 'straight', etc.. The only thing I noticed sometimes was some kinda nice percussions, but nothing really outstanding.. (my opinion anyway, for sure some people would love it)


for good progressive, much better freq, antix, phony orphants and similar stuff (as mentioned in another thread, check out upcoming compilation by iboga called playground)

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