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Please help me upload a track!!!


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Please!!! I'm a tech moron!!! I need help uploading a track to the contest!!!


I've sent the form. When I go to the ftp site and try to open a directory, I do not get permission and end up creating an untitled folder.


I've tried asking here before to no avail. I've tried several times to email Children and he doesn't return my requests for help.


Please, for the love of God, could someone here give me instructions on how to upload a track?


Thank you, thank you, thank you, in advance. :) :) :)

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Guest Artha (Poland)

it's simple....


1. fill a form on the site www.psynew.org -> contest

2. go on the ftp:




user: contest

password: contest


3. make your directory and upload your tracks...


4. in this same directory copy source file (no samples).


5. Make .txt file about You and your tracks...name,time,bpm,e-mail...


that's all...





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Guest dark pulse

you've got to create your directory on your computer first (on your desktop for ex.), then you can rename it, and then you can upload it.

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