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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Divine Being Format: Digital Release Release: 2024.03.22 Catalog: CAT992652 Tracklist 1 - Hexaliohm - Divine Being Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: Hexaliohm Listen and download https://fanlink.tv/divine-being Follow us https://bit.ly/HexaliOHM https://soundcloud.com/hexaliohm https://instagram.com/hexaliohm https://facebook.com/hexaliohm https://hexaliohm.bandcamp.com https://vk.com/hexaliohm
  2. Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Binary Device Label: - Format: Digital Release Release: 2022.06.10 Catalog: HEX006 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Binary Device Released on 2022.06.10 Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: FLN Listen and free download: https://fanlink.tv/hexaliohm-binary-device https://open.spotify.com/track/0Ryq99Fr8x9Yfs395qjl3y https://soundcloud.com/hexaliohm/binary-device https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP3KBxfEAkA https://deezer.page.link/ozegxiqb3rVQFmwT8 https://tidal.com/browse/track/229871520 https://music.apple.com/br/album/binary-device/1624999627?i=1624999628 https://www.beatport.com/release/binary-device/3752419 https://hexaliohm.bandcamp.com/track/binary-device Follow us https://bit.ly/HexaliOHM https://soundcloud.com/hexaliohm https://instagram.com/hexaliohm https://facebook.com/hexaliohm https://hexaliohm.bandcamp.com https://vk.com/hexaliohm
  3. Artist: Dust Title: I Don't like Psychedelics Label: Looney Moon Records Catalog: LOMOCD005 Format: CD Released: 3 February 2012 Style: Psychedelic Trance Artwork By: Android Jones Mastered By: Wired Masters We are pleased to finally present the long awaited first album by Dust, an extremely eclectic, though, at the same time, controversial artist, who has released several tracks in the past years, with various labels, thus covering a large range of different rhythms, from high tech nightish ("dark") music, to full on underground psytrance, from full on morning to more slow bpms, like progressive trance, dub step and down tempo. His particularly sarcastic attitude towards life, art and relationships, in impeccable Florentine style, a caricature of Florence's (Italy) perfect citizen, along with his hyper productive vibe, led him to compose music for six different projects contemporarily, in the past few years, not forgetting the countless others with no name: COMADUST (with coma sector, parvati), ASSAULT JUNKIES (with peace-ka, mindfunk), MINDSHUFFLE (with Ilai, 24/7), DUST IN FACE (with Phase, Looney Moon), FOAM (with Assioma, Looney Moon), MOLEST (with Mole, Looney Moon) Despite being a debut album, this release is characterized by a top notch production, a hyper researched choice of crystal clear high sounds and leads, original and groovy and sharp melodies, happy and hypnotic atmospheres, twisted uplifting breaks, clever and funny samples, and extremely warm and fat bass lines. Beginning with a 142 track which may fulfill the spirit of full on morning lovers and rising to more twilight music, we expect this album to inspire a lot of stompers to actually set real dust free from the dance floors. Topped up with the astonishing cover from Andrew Jones (and a small 24x24 cm poster of the cover inside), this is a master piece for your home collection. Tracklist : 1 - New Speakers Dude! 2 - Psytrance Makes Me Sick 3 - Magnolia 4 - Go Nuts Please 5 - Space Is The Place 6 - Do Unhealthy Silly Things 7 - Koala's Revenge 8 - Blast Chance 9 - Costafreaka 10 - Lift Your Spirit Listen Samples and buy it here: -PSYSHOP http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/lom/lom1cd005.html -BEATSPACE http://www.beatspace.com/6824/Looney+Moon+Records/DUST/I+Dont+Like+Psychedelics/detail.aspx -SAIKOSOUND http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8972 Contact: info@looney-moon.com http://www.looney-moon.com/
  4. Title: Various Artists / Tetraspace Label: Looney Moon Records Release: 11 November 2011 Mastering: Frederick Ali Talaa (Neuromotor) Format: CD Catalogue Number: LOMOCD004CD Tracklist : 1- Phase - "Wires" 2 - Xpiral - "Ufo Activity" 3 - Foam - "Every Body Bald !" 4 - Dust - "Pleasure" 5 - Whiptongue & Mole - "Congruent Angles" 6 - Asimilon & Assioma - "kick Ass" 7 - Pantomiman & Dust - "Lemon and Vodka Risotto" 8 - Mole - "Beat by Bit" 9 - Assioma - "Amanita" 10 - Southwild - "T6" All phenomenons in nature vary based on their position in three dimensions but relate as well to time passing. The 4th dimension scenario that we're all living in everyday is called TETRASPACE. Let the abstract psychedelic material of these adventures of rhythms take you travelling into our timeless vision of the tetraspace: a fully positive and colourfull world of unexpressable sensations that put you in straight connection with the stars and the centre of the earth, making it clear that we are one thing with the energy of the universe. The holographic projection we call reality. This 4th gem of highly researched psychedelic music is a bright collection from Looney Moon artists from all over the world plus Xpiral from Brasil (Vagalume records), Jay Rastaliens with his new project Southwild from Canada (Wildthings records) and Asimilon from England (Bom Shanka Music). All tracks are 100% guaranteed to take the listeneer stomping into a deep trance dance and forget about the normal flowing of time....see you in TETRASPACE. Listen Samples and buy it here: -BEATSPACE http://www.beatspace...ace/detail.aspx -PSYSHOP http://www.psyshop.c.../lom1cd004.html -SAIKOSOUND http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8900 Contact: info@looney-moon.com http://www.looney-moon.com/
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