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Found 1 result

  1. What's up Psynews ? A few weeks ago, we had two memorable topics about the power of evocation of Goa music : _ a topic named "What songs do you connect to a girl ?" _ another one who dealt with synaesthesia, and the colorful feelings one might have when listening to Goa Trance. Well, this thread is not that much different. Let me explain. It is hard to me to listen to a release when I don't have a "key" to understand it. As soon as I figured out that key, I can dive deeply into an album, an EP or a mere song. This key, in my case, is the feeling of a story, or a landcape, or both (when the narrative side of a song meets up the descriptive one). A question I adress then to the people who might feel intrested is : What release do you connect to what kind of landscapes ? This kind of topic should also evaluate the potential of psy music to stimulate the imagination, and the importance of its atmospheric work. Then, I shall begin myself. Here are releases that I personnally connect to specific landscapes : Filteria - Lost in the Wild : Gothic landscapes. Towering cathedrals plunged into the night. Gargoils, vampires, and necromancers acting under the dim light of candles. Electrypnose - Bloomy Trap : The Dark side of the Internet. Cyber war. Egorythmia - The Remixes 2011 : The inside of a moving tectonic rift. Astropilot - Solar Walk 2 : A silent city with concrete buildings, without any people or animal. The sun is shining of a surreal light. The time has ceased to be. Merkaba - Ancient Relics : A dark, moist forest where you can lose yourself. The trees are filled with pagan magic. E-Mantra - Arcana : An eerie nightscape, with fairies dancing and fluorescent plants. Electrypnose - Brain Stretching : A post-acopalyptic landscape. Industrial ruins filled with noxious chemicals and deadly radioactivity. JIS - Illusions of Reality : Open blue sky. A refreshening breeze. Some flying boats passing by. Deedrah - Self Oscillation : The dark suburbs of a cosmopolite city. 90's cars, drug dealing, gang wars. Akshan - The Rise of Atlantis : Gigantic white cliffs in a Fantasy world, bordering an ocean looking like the Atlantic. Gulls flying around. Skazi - My Way (No, I won't put a link) : A pool party in Beverly Hills. With a lot of rich people making dumb hip-pop, dressed as if they were gangstas. Psykovsky - Tanetsveta : A dystopian world. Babies growing into tubes. Torture rooms. Cybernetic technology at the service of evil.
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