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Found 1 result

  1. Turner – The Slave Ship England. A new movement is arising. It is called « New Underground Trance ». It is led by John 00 Fleming, and counts many talentuous artists, such as Christopher Lawrence, The Digital Blonde, Lisa Lashes and Casey Rasch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEMqdaFixGA It is an attempt to bring back the original spirit of Trance music, and to synthetize the old with the newshcool spirit, and trance with psytrance. It is characterized by a pulsing progressive beat, dark melancholic tones, and heavy atmospheric layers. It contains dreamy moods, and a Gothic spirit. Personnally, my understanding of Trance music is that it is the tribal music of the modern, Western world. In Goa, it has embraced the Indian Classical Music. In Israel, it has absorbed the vividness of Middle Eastern traditionnal instruments. In Croatia, it has merged with the pagan spirit of the Slavic era. In Sweden, it pulses with the vibration of the Scandinavian forests. Now, the time have come when the pagan soul of England – Gothic spirit – is being expressed through Trance music. Gothic spirit. It echoed throughout the artistic history of Albion. It resonates through many obras that has become major texts in worldwide litterature : Shakespeare – The Tempest ; Marlowe – Doctor Faustus ; Milton – Paradise Lost ; Lewis – The Monk ; Tolkien – Lord of the Rings. Within Gothic spirit spread the skies of the Northern Atlantic, filled with heavy rains of cloud carried by cold wings. Within Gothic spirit abides a mystical connection to an old Earth, expressed by cathedrals and ruins of abbeys. Within Gothic spirit there is a tragic sense of destiny inherited from the never-forgotten lore of the Norse mythology, surving within the people of Albion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSWryyjAyYM These past few months, the English produced have produced many tracks translating this spirit in sounds. The New Underground Trance is filled with solemn melodies, cloudy layers, and psychedelic moments of hope and anguish. Henceforth, these tracks belong either to the realm of Dark Fantasy or Dark Science-Fiction. Now, if you're reading this, it's because of the catchy title of my topic. The first time I've come accrosse Healing, by John 00 Fleming, it was through this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RuXYY_-TGM The first time I've come accross this video, I have been shaken as I rarely have been by a trance track. It was so deep, so mysterious. I think that in my whole trancer life, only Vibrasphere delivered me a comparable feeling. Beyond the fact that the track combines some of the best aspects of progressive, upliting and psychedelic trance, and that it added Goa hints to the formula, I was amazed by how perfectly the video fitted the sounds. Within the torments of a stormy cloud , floats around a flying cathedral, describing chaotic movements in the sky. Rain is pouring hard over its walls, adorned with Gothic motives. But as a Turner-like sunlight pierces through darkness, petrified gargoils start to awaken. As they start to move back to life, they seek revenge over the master of the place, affected by an acient curse. The unreality of the melodies, the perfect harmony of every sound, the deep story-telling of it quickly led it to become one of my favourite track. But a few days ago, I came accross of a remix of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIdlmbcXmF0 And oh, God. The feeling... The feeling of it was even more intense. My heart bet faster. My arms were covered with goosebumps. And as I couldn't stop listening to it, my breath became more intense, and my mind drifted away. And in my imgaination, I realized the true nature of the track. Healing. It is not about the healing of a person or a creature. It describes a large, desolate wasteland. A cursed desert, plunged into darkness, and covered with dust, looking like the remnants of an acient battlefield. A scar at the surface of the Earth, bearing the witness of a titanomachia. Long ago, this place was filled with life and nature. It was a palace for glorious stones and overworldly forests. It gathered mighty creatures, and everyday of it was a legend. But one day, demons from the Earth engaged a war. The magical cairns and the guardian trees couldn't resists the everlasting assault. And after long battles, when the mighty warriors were poisoned to death, and when the monoliths started to collapse, a decision was made. The remaining inhabitants decided to destroy the land, rather than to surrender. In a final blow, they destroyed all life in this land, and took their ennemies away with them. The intro of the track begins many millenaries after those events. It describes the stillness of a land plunged in darkness, and cursed for eternity, afflicted with a post-apocalyptic silence. But suddenly, the chiming of a bell is heard. An angel from Heaven, wrapped in Light, is to be seen in this place (02:54). Slowly enough, he proceeds to the ruins of a sanctuary, lying over black stones. As his paces tread over the dusty soil, he engages the process of healing (03:43). He chants, and a faint light start to glow over the rocks. The painful rocks, like ghosts of the past, seem to remember an unreal past. Earth is to be healed. Powerful telluric forces are in motion. And as light keeps growing, the darkness of the skies dissipate (05:20). An extasy of joy enwraps the sanctuary, as heavenly light descends upon it. Ghostly smiles seem to appear over the ruins. 07:17 : The camera moves away, and reveals the immensity of the wastelands. This track is like the kiss of an angel. The storytelling, the originality, and the musical techniques of it make it appear, without the shadow of the doubt, as the best trance track of the decade 2010. Long live Gothic Trance.
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