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Found 1 result

  1. Hello people, I am just doing loud thinking here ... and looking for opinions, nothing too serious, but keeping my mouth shut and telling nobody won't help either. I'm sure the whole blockchain hype as of late has reached you too ... with that I mean, I think you know what a crypto coin is. There are loads out there ... Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, bla bla... It was all going pretty steeply down lately, but so what. This doesn't need to have any effect on what I want to talk about here. Point is, these crypto currencies - or BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS - are not that hard to create oneself, where "creating" means, starting a new chain of an existing coin implementation with own Masterkey or even own implementation constraints (got ideas, let 'em hear). Which is what could be done (Cryptonote for example ... they offer a forkable base cryptocoin implementation for a CryptoNote based coin). And that brings me to the question: do we need one? Does the Psytrance scene have use for it? We could make the PSY coin! #PSYcoin We actually just need a few machines in the cloud that play main nodes ... a few members with Google Cloud accounts would be sufficient to keep it running for a year for free. So we could make the PSYcoin ... but ... what for? -> Money shall not be the reason. There are already enough other crypto currencies for that purpose. Let's think usability. What could this scene use a crypto coin for? What shall we do with it? The best would be if we had some kind of anchor that the coin can be tied to. In the IT scene it's for example memory (cloud storage) ... you provide memory (storage), get some coins for that ... and at a later stage you can spend these coins if you need memory (storage) yourself. What do we have in the psy scene that compares to this? Or maybe we don't need a coin? That's a valid result too! Opinions? PSYcoin. Made in Austria.
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