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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Various Title: Phoenix Label: Zion604 Records Date: June, 2013 Genesis: This is Our Legacy 1. Doof - Double Dragons (Trance Edit) 2. Satori - Neurality 3. Rhythmystec - Eskimo 4. Deflo - Ka.El.Mono (Alternative Recording Session) 5. 100th Monkey - Spiritus (Unreleased Mix) 6. Psychaos - Mindwash 7. Somaton - MKS Dist 8. ManMadeMan - Wasteland 9. Snake Thing - Gizmo Revelation - This Is Our Hope 1. Entheogenic - Soma (Veda Mix) 2. Lapsus - Year Zero 3. Libra - I Know Hias 4. Cymatics - Endless Circle 5. New Born - Moon Worshiper 6. Qlipadelic Rythm - Hiloola 7. Skizologic - MS Blast 8. Octapulse - ACiDC 9. Sound Preacher - Ambient For 4 "To go out of your mind at least once a day is terribly important because by going out of your mind...you come to your senses." When the price of carrots spikes 200% we all lose. Zion604 is an Israeli/Japanese label started in 2012 by Roy sason, Stephan Spivak and Masafumi Hoshida. In just a short time they have made an indelible mark on the goa trance scene. While Suntrip is the undisputed king of the new breed of goa trance, labels like Zion and DAT Records have sated our appetite for unreleased gems from the greats of the genre. Having released The Kingdom, Flight 604, Scandi90's, and Brainforest Remastered (haven't reviewed that yet) they have now set the bar ridiculously high. Not content on making a quick buck by releasing classics that everyone already has, they focus on keeping the old school spirit vibrant with stuff that is kinda hard to find if not damn near impossible. With Phoenix they deliver a 2-disc journey beginning with the old school and then followed up with artists who are hopes for the future. Double Dragons (Trance Edit)- Nick Barber was the mind behind Doof responsible for the goa trance classic Let's Turn On. The original was a belter of a track, but this takes a different approach. If the attempt is to get you through the nostalgic door or to entrance, then mission accomplished. The growling bass line is an oscillating rumble as synths slowly begin to awaken. It gets in you, hypnotizing with subtle swaying melodies, never moving too quickly. Call it a slow motion knob twiddler with smooth transitions that is substantial without beating you over the head. Great opener. Neurality- Ooh, that old school pop is front and center with excitement that steadily builds. Experiencing a track you've never heard is exhilarating and true to Zion604 form they uncover an off the beaten path gem. The 303 is nimble liquid magic as the mosquito-esque synth buzzes madly about. Very bouncy like a fighter on his toes. Eskimo- This was originally found on an EP from 95 and is an exploratory trip through tribal like percussion, layers of melodies, and vocal manipulation. The lead gets more bold near the end and it's that last quarter where it all comes together. Ka.El.Mono (Alternative Recording Session)- "Crime does not pay." 50 and his football jersey wearing pet tiger don't agree with you. Like power and melody? Miss that wobbly and chunky sound? Need a primal scream in your goa? Welcome to the Deflo experience. Where intensity is the name of the game and loudness is just a state of mind. Interesting to say the least and the only problem I had with it was the quick way it faded. Spiritus (Unreleased mix)- Arguably the greatest track from this project this is an unreleased mix. See...it says so right there. But it doesn't really sound that different from the original. Still love it. Mindwash- I know there are a lot of people that wet their pants when they hear a Psychaos track, but I'm not one of them. Nothing here captured my attention and it sounded like the Psychaos that was over the goa novelty. Mks Dist- Also previously available on an EP this is a great track. Wonder what that title means? Racing melody maybe? This has that awesome oldschool buzz especially in the break. Wasteland- MMM has always been a mixed bag for me. They've made some really good goa tracks in the past, but these days their music follows a different path. And that's where this goes. Rhythmic and tribal with some goa elements. There are enough changes in direction to keep it interesting I suppose. Gizmo- Nick Taylor again and this is by far the craziest and all encompassing track on this compilation. It has a little bit of everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. Loved the breakbeats and the psy/goa undercurrents. Think of a storming jam session or if Psychaos had a black choreographer. Want another comparison? Remember when Paul's Boutique came out from the Beasties and everyone said it was a disappointment only to realize later on how f*cking brilliant it was? Yeah it's like that. Soma (Veda Mix)- "It's your eardrums that are turning vibrations into sound and in that way you are creating the world." Time for some present day goa goodness. Soma from the Latin means body and this is some full bodied stuff. Deep and involving the story unfolds and takes its time. And at 11 minutes it has plenty of time. It is epic listening as this track bares all for everyone to see. Not the most goa of tracks, but so lush it reminds me of those 5 gum commercials. Reminds me of those movies I'm not allowed to watch anymore. Year Zero- With a melody that has the distorted sound of being strangled through a pocket amplifier it's off to the races. Alien bubbling rides shotgun as this becomes quite loud and noisy, but in a full and experimental way. It screeches with the wail of a guitar solo while the kick thumps. On it's face it might be easy to dismiss, but once you accept it's a different take on goa it's easy to appreciate. I Know Hias- Who doesn't love a good breakbeat? I do, I do! The goa lead slinks in from the shadows and it's another example of how detailed goa can be. Subtle at once and then screaming to be heard. I am entranced and want to know Hias also. Endless Circle- "Those thoughts rise and go...like waves of water." I love everything about this track. The sample, the atmosphere, the old school bubble and bite...It's like this guy just stepped out of a DeLorean time machine. And we all know how well that turned out. Not just a stormer, but also rich. Moon Worshiper- I wondered what happened to this guy? Normally known for his downtempo goa he picks up the pace with a wailing echoing quality that is a little eerie. Twisting melodies abound and this one grew on me. Not bad. Hiloola- "From now on you must ask permission for everything you do!" Must be married. I've never heard of this project, but ahhh...the art of discovery. He must've been riding shotgun in that Delorean because this harkens back to the golden days. Bouncy with some techno flair this is delicious. MS Blast- Who the hell are these people? I love the constant wave of goa producers that seem to be cropping up these days. This track is...different. Kinda 2000 minimalistic type goa. Psychedelic? Surely and more along the lines of what was heard on Scandi90's. Not my favorite. ACiDC (Computer Controlled Edit)- A slow groover that likes to lay back in the progressive goa style. It's head nodding fun. Ambient For 4- It's uh...that's not really...Look it says ambient in the title and this monotonous breakbeat doesn't sound very ambient to me. Felt like I wanted to rap over it. What a fantastic ride this was. The sound quality is superb and this label makes me dig deeper than I normally would; accepting tracks that I may not usually reach for. Finding layers and new directions to appreciate is much easier with crystal clear sound. This is like a goa fruit salad with something for even the most jaded goa listener. Hell you can get all that with just the Gizmo track! I cannot stress how spectacular and important this release is. Not perfect, but on the whole it's a terrific effort. Zion604 is quickly earning high marks with the quality of its work. Congratulations gentlemen, you have earned the Batman seal of approval. Bandcamp Mdk
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