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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Kick Bong Title: Remixed Label: Cosmic Leaf Records Date: September, 2011 1. Way of Life Remix 2. Little Fairy Remix 3. Logical Life Remix 4. Darkeion Remix 5. Voice of Resurrection Remix 6. Progress In Happiness Remix 7. Spain is Pain (Kick Bong Remix) - Swordxl 8. Strange Feeling (Swordxl Remix) - Kick Bong 9. Once Upon a Time (Kick Bong Remix) - Side Liner 10. Sensation Remix 11. Blissfull Remix Kick Bong. Sounds like a gay sport that it's participants are attempting to get into the Olympics thereby justifying it's legitimacy. Still not this gay though... And what the f*ck is this happy horsesh*t? I cannot think of anything more embarrassing than telling someone I play a...ahem, "sport" from a children's book. See white people, this is why minorities laugh at you. That is, until you get out of school and then hoard your wealth in international tax havens because that's the way the family has been doing it for generations. But I digress. This is Frank (with a c) Jousselin from France with his 4th album. I was a little late on the train, but I liked his Flower Power album with it's varied styles. In a refreshing change of pace instead of inviting people to remix your tracks and eat all your food and then inevitably clog the toilet, he decides to get off his ass and do it himself. Way of Life Remix- From the Mountain High 2 compilation originally. It had a nasty breakbeat and tribal chants with a sledgehammer dubby bass. A perfect melange between natural sounds and electronica. The remix is uber soft like that first 5 minutes post coitus. You know right when she falls asleep and I'm calling Pizza Hut. Most of the groove is taken out and the vocal is much more prominent. It moves along slowly as if in a dream state. Did I just sleep with my wife's best friend? Oh man...I've got some splaining to do.... Little Fairy Remix- Having never heard the original this one goes from soothing to a rather frenetic pace. I'm chill in the beginning and then I'm agitated. Like when I'm talking to the insurance company. You know you owe me f*cking money, why you gotta lie? Like a good neighbor, give me my f*cking lawnmower back fat sac. Logical Life Remix- Originally from his Flower Power album. It had this nice bass that hovered over the breakbeat that felt real good. Bills are paid and still got 5 days of my week vacation ahead of me good. The only thing that kept me from giving it stellar marks was his penchant for talking over his tracks. Frank with a c... zip it. So on the remix it's another breakbeat and that good feeling is still there. But so is the talking. Shhhh. bag of shush and sh*t. Darkeion Remix- This is some funky sh*t! Groovy as hell with a swagger like you own the room. Mid tempo with a catchy bass line and even you could rap to this. Slide up to the females in my white linen suit, hit 'em with a little blah blah blah and I'm ordering breakfast for three, baby! Voice of Resurrection Remix- "We do not attend to have achieved perfection. But we do have a system, and it works. Your choice is to join us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We await your answer. The decision rests with you." That is exactly what was said to me before they kicked me out of Optometry school. Was he in the room? Frank with a c can get percussively funky as he demonstrates here. The groove caught me up and the only thing he didn't bang a beat out on might've been my ass cheeks. The break is smooth and dreamy filling you with a good feeling. Nicely done sir. Progress In Happiness Remix- The captain has turned on the clothing optional sign so please feel free to get down and comfortable because he's still bringing the groove. His breakbeats are unparalleled and weaving it with an operatic falsetto type vocal? Clever. I don't know what part of France he's from, but he's got beats like the Neptunes. And that eerie melody line? Tell me you didn't do this... Spain is Pain (Kick Bong Remix)- This is the first of two tracks he remixes that weren't his. Other than his breakbeats though (surprise surprise) I didn't care for this. It's a drum n bass style that is quite fast. Knocked me out of my comfort groove zone. Strange Feeling (Swordxl Remix)- Not to be outdone, Mr. Swordxl takes a swipe at a Kick Bong track. It's smooth and melancholy and fits better in this album than the previous track. I like the balance of the percussion with the smooth tones that float above. Good stuff. Once Upon A Time (Kick Bong Remix)- Here Frank with a C takes on a Side Liner track from the album with rocks in the water, whatever it's called. Once Upon a Time, that was it. The original gave me a glacial feeling with cold pads and forlorn flute like sounds. That's all still here and he told the story in about 2 less minutes. It also comes off with a smoother feel to me. Now that's a remix sir. Sensation Remix- Loved this one. His glitchy percussive style suits me, and it's so soft that it could be Doug E. Fresh beat boxing. It's a crawl, but a crawl on goose down pillows. Blissfull Remix- Disco + late afternoon at the beach with friends + smooth melody = Pretty good remixes in different styles on this release. He does it right, keeping elements of the original while not making a carbon copy of it. I enjoyed it. Now please excuse me, I have an ultimate frisbee game to get to. What? That sport is cool. Juno Mdk
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