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  1. I remember the tracklisting is in the closing credits. When someone (being me or someone else) manages to put the complete thing online, it will be there.


    Lol, it's actually there in part 5/5 sorry :lol:


    Edit: found out the 1st track I was looking for was Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus but the version I have sounds totally different o_O


    2nd track Art of Trance - Octopus (Capricorn Remix), very nice :) didn't know that one


    3rd track is still unknown to me... around 3.00 at the last part, please help !! it sounds so epic :)

  2. Used to listen to mainstream artists like DJ D, Art Of Fighters/Meccano Twins (really good producers, best mainstream there is imo), Dione etc. (not angerfist, I never really liked his songs)

    Also, I loved D-Passion and the whole thirdmovement crew. I have all the demolition comps (industrialish hardcore).


    Rarely listen to hardcore nowaydays.


    Some songs I digged:


    (Uploader is a goatrance lover!)







    I've noticed that a lot of gabberlisteners also like goa cause of the sound intensity and how hectic it can get sometimes.. that's how I see it anyway :P

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