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  1. V/A - White Label Republic Artist: Various Title: White Label Republic Label: Hit Mania Date: August 2005 Track listing: CD 1(deep/progressive sound): 01.Cell - X-Press Morning 8:39 02.Incolumis - One with Sanctuary 4:34 03.SBK - Nightfly 3:47 04.RPO & Thomas Penton - Perfect Storm 2:14 05.Alex Stealthy - The Way it Shouldn't be 6:21 06.Super8 vs DJ Tab - First Aid (Perry O'Neill Remix) 6:54 07.Bjon Small - In a State Of 6:54 08.Oliver Prime - Radience 6:39 09.Chakra - Opacity 5:57 10.Lish - On the Edge 6:48 11.Violet Vision - Cellophane (Sub6 & Domestic Remix) 7:33 12.Delirious - Innerface 7:15 13.Sub 6 Feat. Michele Adamson - 7th Son (Ticon Remix) 5:45 CD 2(full on/Psy/ club sound): 01.12 Moons - Analogue Haste 6:57 02.OOOD - Free Range 5:23 03.Tikal - Welcome 6:42 04.Whirlpool - Blue Objects 7:09 05.The Digital Blonde - Requia 8:20 06.Wizzy Noisse - 10 O'Clock 9:22 07.MFG - Shining Faces 6:51 08.Astrix feat Michele Adamson - Closer to Heaven 5:17 09.Protoculture - Magnetic 6:16 10.Electric Universe - Supreme Space 5:09 11.Indica - Visions of Tomorrow 5:28 12.Astrix Feat John OO Fleming - 3rd Time Lucky 6:58 This is a Brilliant compilation "in the mix", compiled and mixed by John 00 Fleming. The sound qvality on both CD`s is simlpy outstanding and every track seems to fit in just vell enough to creat a musical journy from start to finish. CD 1 is filled with nice pads.., deep melodies and great progressive stuff while in CD 2 things gets more psychedelic with a touch of club sound, but still very uplifting. The choise of tracks for CD 2 may have been better, or maybe not, I guess it would be a matter of taste, but one thing is for sure; John 00 Fleming`s mixing skills are over the top, every track falls in just perfect enough to insure the feeling of being in trance.. Actually I Like all the tracks on CD 1 and enjoy most on CD 2, but these are standouts for me: Cell - X-Press Morning, Cell is using a very nice dream sound to create extreme deep melodies, with a felling of being back in 1994 listing to Dragofly`s Order Odonata Vol 1!! Also very similar to old Morphem. A perfect start for this compilation. Chakra - Opacity, new track from an old artist, it has a great driven rythme section and a crispy melody that makes you fly.. I´m looking forward for the next album from Chakra. Bad things: Tikal - Welcome, actually this track would work just fine if the club/pop vocals in the beginning were deleted.. MFG - Shining Faces, this should be a taste of the forth coming album, it has the old MFG sound with some updates, but the melodies lack of creativity like so many other modern full-on artists. I know that MFG can do better than this.. This Compilation sounds well up-to-date and yet it has a feeling of being timeless. With a playing time at just over 79 min. per CD!! you get good value for money while the selected tracks for this compilation being mixed together creates an atmosfere of a never ending track.. Worth checking out, especially if you like mixed CD`s. 9/10
  2. I guess that I will always adore psytrance that has great melodies, fat powerful synths, razor sharp acidlines, smooth rythme, dynamic effects, good production and thougthfull creativity, tons of variation and climaxes as long it keeps the transcendence.. These CD´s from my Top 10 psytrance compilations of 2004 seems to keep spinning around in my home stereo: VA - Evolution VA - Timeless VA - Joker VA - Propaganda VA - Raja Ram`s Stash Bag Vol. 3 VA - The Door of Wisdoom VA - Diginations VA - BPM Vol. 3 VA - Butterfly Effect VA - Mythos Productions 2004
  3. I really like great melodies, fat powerful synths, razor sharp acidlines, smooth rythme, dynamic effects, good production and thougthfull creativity. Some albums may have a few strong tracks which actually makes a CD worth buying, but you still miss the feeling of a hole thing, while other albums sound great from strart to finish and leaves you satisfied with a big fat smile on your face. Nowadays it`s just so dam hard to find an entire album that contains nothing but hits, because it will always be a matter of personal taste when you compile tracks for an album. So I use to say that if just somewhere around 60-100% of the tracks sounds over the top/ gets me excited/ makes me cry happy tears ect... the entire album scores maximum points from me. With that in mind this will be my Top 10 of psytrance albums 2004: Tikal - Ritual Cycle Filteria - Sky input Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age The Misted Muppet - From The Legend Talpa - The Art Of Being Non Safi Connection - Figga Nigga Wizzy Noise - Stereo Electric Suria - Logical Evolution Space Monkey - Psychotic Episode Exaile - Hit The Machine
  4. Nuff said already about this truly great album by The Misted Muppet. This is for sure one of the best psytrance albums to come out in 2004.., what an amazingly high energy level to be found here!! Some comparison to early Infected Mushroom has been made but I also found that some of the energy, sharpness and variation in this album actually reminds me of good old Pleiadians(i.f.o - 1997)!!! I have been home listening since 1994 and therefore I have both heard and bought many psy/ goatrance albums doing the past 10 years, this one gets to thumbs up for creativity and dare in the full-on year 2004!! Just great music 9.5/10 Psygreen
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