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  1. Hi guys. I’ve made a second production mix with upscaled 4K video. Driving 145bpm sounds , I’ve tried to keep it true to how I like to hear it. I’ve not gone for long intros / breakdowns and added my own influence from other genres. Please give it a go !
  2. Hi all ! I wanted to share a mix of tunes that I have produced in the last few months. Full disclosure that I did not want to make Psytrance in it’s purist form , I wanted to put a bit of a stamp of my own influence coming from the UK Hardhouse / NRG sound. That being said I would still say it easily fits under the Psytrance umbrella at a driving 145 bpm. This has been a return to production after a solid 7-8 year break. It has been a fun challenge to try pick up again and hope to progress further in the future. It’s been great just to create something again. After making a few tracks I decided I was going to put it all together as a mix , and then ultimately decided to make it as a video for YouTube. So I plunged into video editing for the first time. Doing everything on a 2009 MacBook Pro was tedious but I persisted and finally got there. I’m proud of the final product but also acknowledge there is a long way to go. Please check it out and enjoy ! Soundcloud link also available here : https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/orzaM8rY4z8BatEdA
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