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  1. Many thanks for the suggestions! There are segments in all of these that have elements of what I'm going for. "Corellian - Fallen" has a short sequence (at 4:55) which hits the sound I'm looking for perfectly and some textures/acoustics I really like as well. I enjoyed the major melody of Nebula Meltdown - Alnitak Sunrise. Astronaut Ape - Can Fly is something that is a bit chill for what I'm going for. I wonder if one of the things I'm thinking of is a sense of "communication" - like two voices in dialog. It's not something I hear a lot in psy when I come to think about it.
  2. I like this uplifting vibe! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi everyone, new member here. I've long enjoyed listening to psytrance. It has helped me enter focused flow states when creating, and I appreciate its complex and futuristic-sounding textures and effects, energy, and intensity. But I've been interested in something that feels more "light side." I don't know exactly how to describe it other than "happier/in a major key." I think it would be really interesting. The default minor key definitely helps the vibe feel "intense" and "driven," but it also makes me think of serious/aggressive alien beings more than happy/joyous ones if you know what I mean. I'm currently working on a psychedelic/otherworldly racing game and hoping to find inspiration for commissioning a custom soundtrack of more uplifting/boppier sounding psytrance so any leads would be really appreciated! I'd be really curious to see if it's possible to pull it off without seeming cheesy. Thanks.
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