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  1. Hello guys. Next week we're gonna refund you @psyhoe also @Widar for the Vinyls . Everyone that bought the CDr's they should be fine and we also made sure everybody downloaded the digital versions of the releases. Thank you everybody for the kind support you have given us and sorry that things didn't work the way we wanted them to. This label is now closed. A final word : We created a new place where we will be making new releases with new music (as in like : we're not going to release old records made in the past but rather new material instead even tho you migh
  2. Sorry but we're not going to slander or bring any publicity onto them especially after the damage they caused. And because of that we're not going to disclose any names. What happened to us can happen to any record label as producing physical products is always prone to risk. Also , manufacturers can always show you one thing and then come with another. They didn't reach the quality we wanted and expected. Therefor they damaged our company and they damaged our customers , so our contract was terminated. We just wish that , what happened to us won't happen to any o
  3. Thanks for the time you took recording a sample of it , which of course , it's complete and absolute dreadful quality. Hence why we had words with the Manufacturer , they didn't like what we had to say , specially after they assured us their service would be clean , professional and we put our trust in them. After we had words with them , unfortunatly as they somehow think their service is of good quality , they cut us off , hence why we quit releasing on physical media to avoid more incidents like these because we don't want any more "bad vibes" and stress thanks to their not-so-inc
  4. Hi again ! So after this ''lucky streak''' , we had words with the manufacturer and as they seem to think their products are of very good quality they simply cut us off. So , no more Vinyls and no more CDr's. It's a simple as it gets. Those that ordered the CDs , they are obviously on the way and those won't have any problems , as for the Vinyl ones , we are going to refund our supporters soon as we can. We apologise for all this trouble and certainly none of this would've happened if companies that produce the records would act professionally instead of cutting Label
  5. Hello everyone. As the Vinyl quality is nowhere up to our standards , we are stopping Vinyl publishing and we are going to refund our customers that have bought the Vinyls. Our apologies for this situation. From now on we will just be releasing in Digital and CDr. We'll be happy to post photos of our CD's when they arrive. Kind regards and all the best , /Lab37
  6. Hello dear music lovers. We decided to make a public announcement regarding the Vinyls for the moment as Psyhoe informed us that the sound Quality is not proving to be satisfactory. Psyhoe pointed the Doc Von Ooze vinyl sounds ok but does not sound ''Deep and Juicy'' while the Journey Into Acid has hissing all over it and this is totally unacceptable. Not just this situation is totally unacceptable but also unfair because the music we are pressing deserves the best it can get. We're really unhappy and severely stressed with this situation and we have already contacted the c
  7. After we spent countless hours (weeks in fact) digging through lots of music that would be worth the effort to make another great album , we finally came to a consensus and decided to release this today. VA - Genetically Modified (Available in "12 Vinyl , CDr and Digital) Kind regards , best wishes and please , enjoy! See you all soon! /Lab37
  8. Hi everyone! New update. Vinyls are available. If you wish to place an order for Vinyl you are welcome to , although as they are still retooling the machine , Vinyl production could take up to 1 week , more or less for them to be ready. Anyways , if you purchase anything from us we will always keep you informed via Bandcamp. We'll post photos of our releases soon. Many thanks to everybody for your endearing love and support. /Lab37
  9. Greetings everyone. As Vinyl Production is stalled at the moment , we have decided to make our releases available on Compact Disc. Releases on Compact Disc are available now and ready to ship at any time so feel free to place your order if you wish to own these albums in this format. We will also add ''Journey Into Acid'' in Compact Disc very shortly , so just keep checking! Thank you for your visit and wish you all a pleasant Sunday. /Lab37 https://lab37records.bandcamp.com/
  10. Hi everyone. Just a small tiny update: We removed the T-Shirts as we decided to focus on the Music entirely. As for the Vinyl production , no updates yet but we are on top of the situation. We understand this can be frustrating for new customers that wish to purchase the Vinyls so we please ask and thank you for your patience. We will return when we get the green light from our Manufacturer and let everyone know when the Vinyls are available. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone. First and above all , we wish to thank our customers for your kind support. Here we will be posting content regarding our work , updates , new releases and so on. We are a small local business based family company. We have two releases available now which are: 1-Doc Von Ooze - in Vitro (Available in "12 + Digital) 2-VA-Journey Into Acid (Available in "12 + Digital) If you don't collect Vinyl you are welcome to purchase our releases in Digital format. You can also buy the tracks you like the most by selecting track -> buy
  12. We the Lab37 are hereby stated as 'The Company' and Filipe is 'The Artist'. The "12's exist , we are working on them and they are being cut as we speak. We understand there were many issues with other 'companies' conning people but we are here to assure everyone that we are not such kind of species. People will get what they ordered and we are strongly on top of our business without having to mention the extremely troubled World we're all living at the moment. Covid-19 and Racism. We're all suffering and affected by those issues and we ask humbly everyone to sta
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